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Transcript Requests
and Enrollment Verification

Current and past Harford Community College students may request verification of their status or time spent at the College as well as request official records of grades earned and programs completed.

The Registration and Records Office at Harford Community College uses the Parchment Transcript Ordering System to streamline and secure the process of requesting transcript requests and other official documents.

• Transcripts are sent as-is. Prior to your request, please check to ensure your degree and/or most recent grades have been posted.
There is a $7 fee for electronic transcripts. Mailing options are available. Additional fees will apply.
• Have a document to send with your transcript? You must first send the form to the Registrar to have it completed and returned to you before attaching it to your transcript request.

Official Transcripts

Current Students may access the Parchment transcript ordering system through your OwlNet account and sign in with your Harford credentials.

Noncredit and Former Credit Students must log-in or create a Parchment account to access the request form.

Unofficial Transcripts

Current Credit Students may access their unofficial transcript by logging in to OwlNet and clicking the My Academic Life tab.

Former Credit Students may access their unofficial transcript by emailing Registration & Records.

Noncredit Transcripts

Harford Community College offers official transcripts to students enrolled in select noncredit workforce and career training programs where transcript availability is indicated in the program description. Noncredit Students requesting access to the noncredit transcript must log-in or create a Parchment account. Noncredit transcripts may be issued directly to the student or sent to a third party, such as an employer. Transcript request can not be made until after the course has concluded.

Noncredit programs do not award letter grades.  Either a CO, CA, or CC designation will appear on the transcript to indicate successful completion of the course*.  Noncredit programs and courses completed prior to July 5, 2000 will not appear.

*Successful completion is defined as attending a minimum of 70% of the course and/or meeting other requirements as identified by the instructor. NG indicates that no grade was earned for the course.

Enrollment Verification

Harford Community College has authorized National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verification certificates for undergraduate courses. To access the request, login to OwlNet > My Academic Life >Enrollment Verification (on the left hand side). Click continue to get to the National Student Clearinghouse and complete the information requested to obtain and print a history of your Harford Community College enrollment.

NOTE: If you require verification for a course that has not yet taken place, contact Registration and Records to obtain a preregistration verification letter.

Updating Personal Information

It is important that your name, address, and phone number are correct in our Student Information System. Should any information change, contact Registration and Records

To process a name change, students must submit either a marriage license, court order, divorce decree, or governmental issued ID (driver’s license, valid passport (not expired), military ID, Social Security card) to Registration and Records

To process a change in residency, students must submit a Change in Residency form, along with required documentation. Forms can be found on OwlNet > My Academic Life or by emailing Registration and Records. All materials must be submitted prior to the start of the semester otherwise, for tuition purposes, approved changes apply to the next semester.

Replacement Diploma Requests

Current credit students may access the Parchment transcript ordering system through  OwlNet  using Harford credentials.

Former credit students must log-in or create a Parchment account to access the request form.