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Student Support

Students are always at the center of our focus.

Keeping that in mind, Harford Community College helps in every way possible to assist and support students with varied backgrounds, abilities, identities, and goals.

At Harford, all students are considered part of our family. We recognize that each is unique and possesses their own set of strengths and needs. Our job is to provide them all with the individual tools and confidence they need to successfully meet their academic and career goals.

Support Services

Academic Support
Providing academic support and guidance is a priority on the Harford campus. The Learning Center, Academic Advising, and the My College Success Network are just a few of the many academic supports available to Harford students.

Harford Community College promotes equal access to all programs and services. Connect with our disability support team to learn more.

Behavioral and Mental Health Support
When things get stressful or overwhelming and you're just not sure where to turn, reach out. Harford's compassionate team of professionals will make sure you get what you need.

Harford Community College is committed to the health and well-being of our students. Everyone encounters challenges from time to time. This is why we offer a variety of wellness and basic need resources, including counseling.

Information Technology Support
Whether studying online or in person, technology and access to it are imperative to our students success.

LGBTQIA+ Support
Health, equity, advocacy — we provide support through education, counseling, awareness and mentoring.

Military and Veteran Support
Harford understands the unique needs of our active duty and veteran service members as well as their families.

Career Services

It's never too early to begin planning for life after Harford—and that starts with deciding on what you want to study. Whether you need help deciding on a career, choosing an internship, or transferring to a four-year university, we're here to help.

A vital part of education is where it takes you, so from the time you walk through our doors, we're helping you plan for when you leave and beyond. Our career planning and placement services are available to current students and alums to establish, change or confirm career goals through investigation, career decision making, self-analysis, and a survey of career information.

We encourage you to stay connected with us so we can keep you connected to opportunities.

  • Co-ops and Internships
  • Student Development Courses
  • Career Development Resources 

Transfer and Articulations

Universities want to help you make a smooth transition just like we do, which is why many offer articulation agreements that guarantee transfer of credits, provide perks like first choice housing, and offer transfer student-specific orientations to get you acclimated.

There are also multiple Transfer Scholarships available to students who first complete an associate degree from Harford.

Harford has more than 25 Articulation Agreements with four-year institutions. These offer specific perks to students transferring from Harford Community College. 

Need to verify which courses willtransfer to a Maryland four-year public college or university? ARTSYS is valuable resource provided by the University of Maryland system. 

Religious Accommodations per Accommodations Policy 3500

Harford Community College is committed to supporting your academic success while honoring your religious or faith-based beliefs. We provide reasonable academic accommodations for students to practice their sincerely held faith-based or religious beliefs. In addition, the College provides space on campus to accommodate faith-based or religious practices. We have designated Room 104 in the Student Center as a dedicated space to accommodate faith-based or religious practices. You can visit the Office of Student Life (located in the lower level of the Student Center) to access this space.

Students are allowed, whenever practicable, to make up assignments, quizzes, or exams that are missed due to religious/faith-based observances. It is the student’s responsibility to contact each instructor, in writing, and arrange for make-up assignments or examinations. This must occur two weeks prior to the absence and must identify the religious holiday(s) and the date(s). Programs and courses that require mandated class time, for state licensure for example, may need flexibility with accommodations. All requests shall be treated confidentially.

If you feel you have been denied reasonable academic accommodations to practice your sincerely held faith-based or religious beliefs, Harford Community College has a Student Grievance policy and a Student Grievance Form to complete. The purpose of the policy is to provide a clearly stated, timely, and accessible method of recourse to students who feel that a particular action or series of actions on the part of the College or its employees has violated reasonable, accepted, or stated institutional practices and standards.