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Transfer + Program Transfer Agreements

Multiple colleges and universities have formal program transfer agreements with Harford.

Whether you are transferring from or to Harford Community College, we are committed to making the transition and the transfer of credits as seamless as possible. We strongly suggest that all who are transferring into Harford or plan to earn an degree and then transfer to another institution, should make an appointment to discuss plans with an academic advisor.

Transferring Credits from Harford

Universities want to help you make a smooth transition just like we do, which is why many offer agreements that guarantee transfer of credits, provide perks like first choice housing, and offer transfer student-specific orientations to get you acclimated. Plus, when you transfer with a two-year degree in hand, or have already earned college credits, they know you're committed. You've already proven yourself. And many universities provide transfers with scholarship money for that reason. 

Academic advisors offer extensive knowledge of the classes needed for transfer into a four-year program of study. Talk to them early in the process to ensure you are on track to maximize the benefits. If transferring to a Maryland four-year public college or university, the Maryland articulation system, ARTSYS, is a resource that allows students to verify courses that will transfer.  

Program Transfer Agreements 

Program transfer agreements are formal agreements between two academic institutions that create a streamlined process of transferring academic credits from one institution to the other. 

Harford Community College holds program transfer agreements with various in-state, out-of-state, and online colleges and universities. This allows students to complete their degree at Harford then transfer seamlessly to the colleges and universities with which the agreement has been made. Students are still responsible for meeting graduation and transfer requirements. If you are interested in transferring, discuss plans with your academic advisor as early as possible.



Types of Program Transfer Agreements

Transfer Partnerships

Transfer Partnerships: Transfer partnerships are general agreements made between Harford Community College and the receiving institution. These partnerships provide Harford degree completers the opportunity to transfer into a similar degree program at the receiving institution. These are sometimes called "parallel programs." Transfer partnerships often have some additional criteria for applying to use the agreement. 


Honors Program Articulations

Honors Program Articulation: These articulations support the transfer of Harford Community College Honors Program students into the honors program at a transfer institution. Explore your options.

HCPS Articulated Credit
HCPS Articulated Credit: The College Credit for Prior Learning at the High School agreement is designed to meet the needs of students pursuing educational programs in Harford County Public Schools who are continuing their education at Harford Community College.

Transferring Credits to Harford

Harford has a number of agreements that allow students to transfer in prior learning experience gained through completion of apprenticeship and academy programs, as well as industry certification and high school coursework. Explore these agreements to maximize the benefits.