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LGBTQIA+ Resources

Safe Zone at Harford Community College

On Campus

  • Safe Zone: Created to educate the campus and promote equity for LGBTQIA+ students, staff and faculty by raising awareness about issues facing the community, developing a network of allies and advocating for sensitive and inclusive practices and policies. See the members in the Safe Zone Allies (below).
  • Harford Community College Library Lib GuideResources for students who identify as LGBTQIA+ and for other members of the community.
  • Rainbow Alliance: Harford Community College's LGBTQIA+ registered student organization (club). The group meets regularly; for more information please contact the Office of Student Activities.
Safe Zone Allies

Harford Community College Ally Listing
Looking for an ally? You’ve found one! The 'Safe Zone' sticker designates an employee who has completed a 3-hour Ally Workshop and is interested in being a resource for LGBTQ+ people here at Harford. The following employees have completed the workshop:

Name Department/Division Phone Number
Adam Fantom eLearning (Maryland Hall) 443.412.2078
Alison Amato Academic Affairs (Maryland Hall) 443.412.2384
Alyssa Ehrsam Behavioral & Social Sciences (Edgewood Hall)  
Amy Pitarra Nursing (Darlington Hall) 443.412.2621
Andrew Kellett Behavioral & Social Sciences (Bel Air Hall) 443.412.2067
Ann Marie Profili Behavioral & Social Sciences (Bel Air Hall) 443.412.2214
Anna Berglowe-Lynch Advising, Career & Transfer Services (Student Center) 443.412.2164
Ben Fisler Arts & Humanities (Joppa Hall) 443.412.2644
Bill Elliott Advising, Career & Transfer Services (Student Center) 443.412.2184
Bonnie Sulzbach Advising, Career & Transfer Services (Student Center) 443.412.2119
Caitlin White Office of Student Life (Student Center) 443.412.2331
Carine Golden Human Resources and Payroll (Chesapeake Hall) 443.412.2631
Carrianne DeCarlo Human Resources and Payroll (Chesapeake Hall) 443.412.2415
Colleen Webster Arts & Humanities (Havre de Grace Hall) 443.412.2280
Cynthia Kelley Behavioral & Social Sciences (Susquehanna Hall) 443.412.2225
Dawn Reimer Nursing and Allied Health Professions (Darlington Hall) 443.412.2317
Edward Augustitus Behavioral and Social Sciences (Susquehanna Hall) 443.412.2228
Gina Calia Library (Library) 443.412.2052
Greg Butler Arts & Humanities (Havre de Grace Hall) 443.412.2330
Gregory Priebe eLearning (Maryland Hall) 443.412.2147
Heidi Neff Arts & Humanities (Joppa Hall) 443.412.2276
James Karmel Arts & Humanities (Bel Air Hall) 443.412.2105
Janet Mathias Advising, Career & Transfer Services (Student Center) 443.412.2431
janice mahinka Arts and Humanities (Joppa Hall) 443.412.2290
Jennifer Austin Registration & Records (Student Center) 443.412.2037
Jennifer MyersSmith My College Success Network (Student Center) 443.412.2323
Jessica Dahl Library (Library) 443.412.2235
John Donahue Behavioral & Social Sciences (Fallston Hall) 443.412.2375
Julie Mancine Hays-Heighe House  443.412.2495
Karla Wynn Advising, Career, and Transfer Services (Student Center) 443.412.2238
Kelly Pulaski Community Education (Edgewood Hall) 443.412.2191
Kurt Doan President's Office (Library) 443.412.2230
Laura Burke Office of Student Life (Student Center) 443.412.2090
Leslie Manning Registration & Records (Student Center) 443.412.2309
Linda Tabor Human Resources and Payroll (Chesapeake Center) 443.412.2492
Lisa Dempsey Enrollment Services (Maryland Hall) 443.412.2474
Lisa Tittle Arts & Humanities (Havre de Grace Hall) 443.412.2104
Lorraine Peniston Advising, Career and Transfer Services (Student Center) 443.412.2024
Mark Bandy Office of Communications (Library) 443.412.2213
Mark Brock-Cancellieri Arts & Humanities (Havre de Grace Hall) 443.412.2296
Mary Beverly Gallagher    Nursing & Allied Health Professions (Darlington Hall)    443.412.2637
Melissa Harris
eLearning (Maryland Hall) 443.412.2087
Michele MacKenzie Learning Assistant (Learning Center) 443.412.2588
Michelle Fredenrich Human Resources (Chesapeake Center) 443.412.2378
Nadine Martinkus Disability Support Services (Student Center) 443.412.2402
Nancy Dow Workforce Development (Edgewood Hall)     443.412.2158
Nena Craven Behavioral & Social Sciences (Fallston Hall) 443.412.2066
Patti Wilson Analytics and Planning (Hickory Center) 443.412.2027
Richard Johnson Arts and Humanities (Joppa Hall) 443.412.2649
Richard Smith eLearning (Maryland Hall) 443.412.2346
Ruby Burchett Enrollment Management (Maryland Hall) 443.412.2476
Sharoll Love Office of Student Life (Student Center) 443.412.2224
Suzanne Gallihue Financial Aid (Student Center) 443.412.2248
Tammy Dennis Financial Aid (Aberdeen Proving Grounds) 443.412.2100
Theresa Liberto Advising, Career & Transfer Services (Student Center) 443.412.2467
Vickie Soto Finance and Accounting (Student Center) 443.412.2033
Local / Regional Resources
  • Baltimore Gay Life:  Maryland's LGBTQIA+ community newspaper.
  • Freestate-JusticeFreeState Justice is the only statewide LGBTQIA+ advocacy organization in the country that combines direct legal services and policy advocacy to serve the needs of LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • Hearts and Ears, Inc.:  For LGBTQIA+ people with mental health issues/concerns.
  • Maryland LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce
  • PFLAG Chapters: Local chapter of the Parents and Friend of Lesbians and Gays.
  • The Pride Center of Maryland: Gender Identity Group / Tran*Quility: Support and social groups for transgendered persons.
  • Rainbow Youth AllianceSupport for LGBTQIA+ youth, ages 13-19.
  • Trans MarylandTrans Maryland is a multi-racial, multi-gender, trans-led community power building organization dedicated to Maryland’s trans community.
  • Upper Chesapeake Bay Pride: Upper Chesapeake Bay Pride is the premiere resource for the queer (LGBTQIA+) communities of Cecil and Harford Counties.
  • Upper Chesapeake TransLiance:  The Upper Chesapeake TransLiance is a chapter of TransLiance based out of Harford County, MD. We are a social group for all trans* people, allies, family, and friends to network, learn, grow, and come together socially in safe, trans-friendly venues.
National Resources
  • ACLU Student Rights:  Information and resources to improve the lives of LGBT people.
  • Campus Pride Index
  • COLAGE:  A national movement of children, youth, and adults with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) parent/s.
  • GLSEN:  Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network. Organization for students, parents, and teachers that works toward creating positive change in school systems.
  • Human Rights Campaign:  America's largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality.
  • Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) National:  The umbrella organization for PFLAG chapters across the country.
  • Trans Family Alliance:  TransFamily provides support, education, advocacy, and outreach for the transgendered community, families, friends, partners, and allies of all ages, through meetings, presentations, seminars, media outreach, and an emergency resource hotline.
  • Trans Lifeline:  Trans Lifeline is a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of transgender people. The hotline is staffed by transgender people, for transgender people. Trans Lifeline volunteers are ready to respond to whatever support needs members of the community might have.