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student in anatomy class with faculty showing illustrations on white board and equipment on table

Academic Programs of Study

At Harford Community College we aren't looking for perfect. We're looking for the curiosity-driven—the people who understand that if you aren't challenged, nothing changes.

We want the artists and scientists, welders and mathematicians. We want minds that are open and imaginations that are limitless. Online and on-campus, Harford Community College is the place where your aspirations become realities.

Our classrooms and labs are outfitted with the latest technology, our award-winning faculty are regularly engaged in research, and we continue to implement new approaches to teaching. On top of that you'll find our one-on-one support—resources and services that ensure you have access to what you need to define and achieve success.

Explore our programs, tour our campus, and walk through our doors to become the best version of yourself.



Harford Community College offers a wide array of programs on multiple platforms: online, remote, hybrid or face-to-face. What's best for you?


NSA and Homeland Security logosHARFORD COMMUNITY COLLEGE 

Designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE-CD) by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, Harford Community College offers a variety of programs to train you for entry into the critically important field of cybersecurity. Whether you are looking to start a cyber career, enhance your current skill-set, or increase your cyber awareness, Harford has courses and programs to help you achieve your objectives. LEARN MORE >>

National Science Foundation logo


Through a grant from the National Science Foundation, Harford Community College is advancing opportunities for those interested in high-demand biotechnology fields. Through advanced training, workshops, and summer camps, Harford is pushing biotechnology forward.  LEARN MORE >>


Through a lens of student success, CETL supports multi-disciplinary collaboration, faculty development, communication, innovation, and coordination of teaching and learning activities. The Center promotes exemplary teaching and transformative learning, scholarly discussion, and fostering the implementation of best practices and innovative instruction.  LEARN MORE >>



Take a New Lookat College!

It's the place for a parent who wants to provide for their family; a young biologist who wants to make a difference in the world; a seasoned employee who wants to move up; and an electrician who aspires to owning their own business. It's about finding a career, bettering a life, and exploring possibilities.