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Biotech Pathways

    Harford Community College is focused on creating accessible pathways for future biotechnicians to progress from public high schools, to degree and certificate programs, to biotechnology careers and/or further study at four-year universities.

    A Biotechnology Advisory Board survey was developed by the grant team to assess entry-level skills required by employers. Findings  were disseminated to the biotech education community and as a result, Harford developed six new biotechnology courses, a revised Biotechnology Certificate, and a new AAS degree in Biotechnology.


    BIOTECH Pathways Benefits and Objectives


    • Develop skills identified by industry partners for employability
    • Educational Partnership Agreement between the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center and Harford Community College for a Biomanufacturing Cooperative Educational Program  |  Dr. Peter Emanuel and Dr. Jared DeCoste
    • Sea Phages research experience
    • Paid internships:
      Adaptive Phage Therapeutics  |  Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology  |  Integrated Pharma Services  |  US ARmy Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense

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    Supported by a $493,912 grant from the National Science Foundation


    • Develop the AAS in Biotechnology degree and the Biotechnology Certificate programs to align with industry skills, knowledge, and competencies.
    • Increase student enrollment and completion in Harford's biotechnology programs, with an emphasis on recruiting underrepresented students, via hands-on community outreach with high school students and their families. Outreach will also include information regarding academic and career opportunities in biotechnology.
    • Ensure that every Harford Community College biotechnology student possesses the professional, field-specific, and career-readiness skills to succeed in biotechnology employment.

    BIOTECH Pathways Events

    BIOTECH Pathways: Summer Institute
    JUL 31–AUG 4  |  8 AM–4 PM  |  Harford Community College

    Applications are open. Apply by APR 15.

    This FREE Biotech Pathways: Summer Institute provides hands-on, minds-on laboratory experiences that allow participants to gain biotechnology skills and learn more about what a career in biotech has to offer.

    This program is open to all current high school students who have taken at least one high school biology course. 

    BIOTECH Pathways: Workshops

    Designed for high school students and families, these workshops are held throughout the year and provide those interested in biotech an opportunity to explore the career path. 

    Dates to be announced in mid-2023

    BIOTECH Pathways: Teaching Academy

    The Teaching Academy takes place in the summer and provides an opportunity for high school STEM teachers to learn ways to integrate biotechnology content into their curriculum.

    This project is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 2000193. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed on this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.