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Harford's Leading Edge Training Center Powered by the Ratcliffe Foundation

Bringing job and career training to Edgewood!

Harford's Leading Edge Training Center Powered by the Ratcliffe Foundation is strategically located at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford & Cecil Counties. Home to programs in construction and trades, manufacturing, warehousing/supply chain/logistics, business, and entrepreneurship, the location allows us to provide valuable training in the southeastern portion of the County.

Students are guided thorough programs with help from dedicated Career Navigators and are provided with interviewing and resumé writing assistance, resources, and networking opportunities with local employers.  

Workforce and Entrepreneurial (SBDC) Programs

Most of the programs below are offered at either no cost or are eligible for funding through the Philip E. & Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation Scholarships. The goal of the programs is to get students trained in skill areas that enable them to secure living wage employment and/or to provide business and entrepreneurial skills so they can be self employed.

Workforce Programs

Construction Trades Skills

NCCER Introduction to Construction SKills

These programs enable you to explore the construction industry and learn practical construction skills. Projects provide hands-on work with construction tools and general skills, preparing you for a job in the construction industry. Upon completion, students may meet with representatives from local construction companies to discuss employment requirements and opportunities. NCCER students sit for the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) industry certification exam.

Heavy Equipment Operations

Heavy equipment operators are in high demand! Companies are looking for skilled workers to drive the machinery used to build roads, bridges and buildings. This four-course training will get you ready to apply for those jobs. The program is taught using the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum along with hands-on simulators to provide students with comprehensive operating experiences.

Forklift Certification Training (1Day)
Classes Enrolling NOW!

Complete your training and be eligible to sit for your certification exam in just one day! This all-day course includes both classroom and hands-on training for first-time drivers and those needing refresher training.

Students who successfully complete this course satisfy the requirements of  OSHA’s 1998 revised Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training Standard. Students must pass a written and practical test.

Certified Logistics Technician (CLA, CLT)

The Certified Logistics Technician courses teach skills that industry recruiters value—from front-line material handling to supply chain logistics in fulfillment centers, warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. Understanding how logistics works and its importance in distribution is the focus of the program. Upon successful completion of the Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and CLT Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) certifications, students are qualified to seek entry-level and/or advancement in this high growth industry. 

Basic Hydraulics and Pneumatics

In this course students explore one area of Basic Machining and Manufacturing Technology. Students learn the fundamental concepts important to fluid power, which includes both pneumatic (gas) and hydraulic (liquid) systems. You learn about basic components: reservoirs/receivers, pumps/compressors, valves, and cylinders and at the conclusion of the course will be able to apply for jobs as hydraulic and pneumatic technicians in factories, ​laboratories, and offices. 

Brick Masonry Training

Students in this course learn about the highly valued and in-demand trade of masonry. Through hands-on experience, students are introduced to the history, safety, tools and techniques of brick laying, and qualify to apply, with an advantage, to the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers apprenticeship program. 

To Register

Prospective students must first contact a Career Navigator who provides funding and program details, expectations, and information regarding completion of the application. 

Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Programs

Small Business Development Center logo

SBDC is dedicated to promoting economic growth in our community.

The resources provided by the SBDC help small businesses and start-ups to grow and manage their business. As a non-profit organization, many services are free.

The SBDC's low-cost training events and workshops help strengthen your business knowledge and apply it immediately to your business plans. Whether starting a new business or running an existing business, SBDC can help you guide your business to a more successful future. 

SBDC Business Consulting

Providing confidential one-on-one business consulting assists businesses with growth, loans, marketing, government contracting, technology, and more.

Ready, Set, Go! (in-person)

Ready, Set, Go is held monthly and designed for small businesses in the planning phase of building a company. Participants will learn the “nuts & bolts” of becoming an entrepreneur, from business planning to legal business entity formation. Additional information is shared with the participant on the SBDC, its services, what one can expect when entering the business world, the business plan, finance management, funding sources, marketing . . . a guide to beginning a successful future in a business world

  • Location: Harford's Leading Edge Training Center powered by the Ratcliffe Foundation
  • Target Audience: Pre-Ventures, Ideas Stage Business, Students
  • Cost: No-cost 
  • Date/Time: First Wednesday of the month  |  9–11 AM
    Register for Here
    Contact 420.386.8390 for future dates.

Pathways to Entrepreneurship Program

Enrollment in this series includes the following two sessions. These courses are self-paced, and students can enroll at any time throughout the spring semester:

Preparation for Pathways to Entrepreneurship

Learn about becoming an entrepreneur from business planning to legal business entity formation. Get an overview of SBDC, its services, and what you can expect entering the business world, including the business plan, finance management, funding sources and marketing. Meet 1-on-1 with a consultant to better understand your business venture and to help you create your individualized content for Pathways to Entrepreneurship, as well as provide resources for success.

  • CRN: 25527
  • Tuition: $5   Fee: $15
  • Date/Time: JAN 1–JUN 30 | Flexible, Online
Pathways to Entrepreneurship

Prepare for your venture into entrepreneurship. Find out everything you need to know to own and operate your own business. Get your business started on a solid foundation with core competencies including business planning, market research, budgeting and accounting, human resources, managing risk, growth strategies, and much more. Includes 1-on-1 consultation. This course is self-paced, and students can enroll at any time.

  • CRN: 25528
  • Tuition: $269          Fee: $140
  • Date/Time: JAN 1–JUN 30 | Flexible, Online

SBDC Series
Business Basics:
An Entrepreneurship Overview

This four-part series covers everything you need to know about starting a business. Participants will build the foundation needed to take the reins, become the boss, and build a simple idea into a successful company.

Ready, Set, Go—
The Nuts and Bolts of Turning Ideas into Opportunities

This session starts with the basics-giving participants a framework to explore ideas and transform their “pipe dream” into a profitable company.

Smart Start Your Business-An Evening with the Experts

Business owners can step too far out of their own area of expertise in accounting/taxes, legal counsel and insurance. Knowing when to get an outside expert involved is a strength. We will introduce subject matter experts to discuss how they help small businesses fix and maintain the engines of their businesses.

  • CRN: 25524
  • Tuition: $100              Fee: $49
  • Date/Time: APR 11 | 6–8 PM
The Business Model Canvas – Painting a Picture of Your Business

What separates business success stories from failures is the business model or the "how" behind their success. We will explore successful business case studies and what their model looks like on a grand scale. Participants will paint a picture of what their idea might look like when brought to life.

  • CRN: 25525
  • Tuition: $100   Fee: $49
  • Date/Time: APR 17 | 6–8 PM
Demystifying Business Plans

We will examine the inner workings of a business plan—the what, how and why of the information an aspiring business owner should pull together—and help make that business plan seem a little more exciting. Once you have a plan, the only thing left to do . . . is follow it.

  • CRN: 25526
  • Tuition: $100          Fee: $49
  • Date/Time: APR 25 | 6–8 PM


for SBDC Classes

"The training students receive makes them job-ready, and for local employers,that's who they'll hire first. If you're looking for skilled employees, contact me for the opportunity to tour our facility and meet our students."
Dr. Austin Hill, Director for Strategic Partnerships

Celebrating the first Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation Scholarship recipient completers.

graduates in caps and gowns pose at completion ceremony

First Heavy Equipment Operations cohort completes training with 100% employed as a result!

students standing on and around forklift