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Learning Platforms

Harford Community College delivers courses on multiple platforms to meet the needs of our students.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic forced more students to take online or remote classes, both, along with face-to-face and hybrid course, are offered regularly at Harford. These options give students the opportunity to take classes on campus or from another location, and at times that are most convenient. Both the credit and noncredit class schedules show icons indicating in which platform the course is being offered. Unsure which is best for you? Read more info on each below or contact your academic advisor for assistance.


Find Which Learning Platform Works Best for You

Face-to-Face: In Person Learning

Face-to-face courses are delivered in person, in a physical location—on campus or at a another College location. Face-to-face classes take place at set times and dates, and students are required to be in a physical class. 

Remote: Synchronous Online Learning

Remote courses are a cross between online and face-to-face. They are delivered through an online platforms (MS Teams, ZOOM, etc.) but students and instructors meet at a set times and dates in a "face-to-face online" capacity. Students are required to login to their virtual classroom with the other students in the class. This platform provides more structure than online, and provides opportunities for open discussion and real-time interaction. Homework and other projects may still be required outside of the scheduled class times. 

Hybrid: Combination of Multiple Platforms

Hybrid courses are delivered as a mix of both online and face-to-face learning. Students are required to be on campus for scheduled classes, labs, or other activities, and then complete the remainder of the mandatory work independently, online. To be successful in a hybrid course, you need to be self-motivated, have good time management and basic computer skills, and have reliable Internet access.

eLearning: Asynchronous Online Learning

Online courses are delivered completely online with no set class times and independent of an instructor or other students. You can work on assignments whenever you choose. Specific activities (e.g., assignments requiring an activity within the community, a field placement or internship, orientations, proctored exams at a testing center, group projects, etc.) may be required at a location other than your home. Instructors are available for online office hours and communicate assignments through Brightspace.

Online course are great for those who are working, have multiple commitments, or have transportation issues and need to fit their studies into a busy schedule. To be successful in an online course you must be an independent learner who is self-motivated, has good time management skills, and has computer access with reliable internet service.

Online Readiness Quiz

If you're interested in taking an online class but aren't sure if it's for you, Harford's Online Readiness Check is a tool to help you decide. Once you have taken the quiz, make an appointment to share the results with an advisor and discuss your options.

Degree Programs Offered Completely Online

For those who prefer to take all of their class online, Harford Community College eLearning offers four online degree programs:

Completing a degree online requires organization, dedication, and regular communication with instructors, other students, and your advisor. Online support and library services are available.

Support for Online Students

To ensure eLearning students have the tools and resources needed to succeed in their classes, Harford Community College provides a full range of Student Services online.

Reciprocity Agreement

State authorization is a requirement in the Higher Education Act that requires institutions to be authorized to offer distance education (online) content to students who reside in a state other than the institution's home state. If you live outside the state of Maryland, refer to our Reciprocity Agreements page before applying.