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computer equations

Computers | Math | Data

Students who want to pursue majors within the computers, math and data area tend to be analytical thinkers who are very process oriented.

They like problem solving, working with computers, coding, formulas, and the "what ifs". They thrive on attention to detail, like to study patterns and are generally practical, orderly, and like structures and systems. Sound like you? 


Programs of Study

Get Involved

Those who choose programs within the interest area of computers, math and data are able to work on projects that cross several disciplines: from science and cyber, to accounting and geospatial technology.

Participation in the Math Club and Mu Alpha Theta honor society and competitions like the Student Mathematics Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament competition provide those with an interest in math a glimpse into prospective careers as mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

Those interested in cyber can participate in the Cyber Defense Association and have the opportunity to compete in day-long incident response simulations at the Baltimore Cyber Range.

There are also internships available in many of the programs within this interest area.


Work Options

If moving to a four-year university isn't on your radar, a certificate or associate degree within this interest area may lead to careers in fields such as  bookkeeping, data entry, accounting, CADD, or cybersecurity. Those starting with noncredit programs, especially in IT and cyber, have the opportunity to move into credit programs as they advance in their career and can often use the skills and certifications they have already obtained, as previously earned credits. 

Transfer Options

Students choosing fields in this interest area often transfer to a four-year university to complete a Bachelor's and often a Master's degree. The programs they transfer into may be in data or computer science, statistics, computer engineering, accounting, cybersecurity, or  information technology.