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pottery studio

The Arts

Students who want to pursue majors within the arts tend to be expressive, independent, original and creative.

They enjoy performing, playing, and creating and their interests in art and design, drama, music, photography, and writing are usually evident. They thrive on freedom and expression, seeing the world through a lens of emotion and interpretation. Sound like you?


Programs of Study

Arts Management
Art + Design: Digital Art  |  Fine Art  |  Graphic Design  |  Photography
Interactive Media Production
Theater: Design/Production  |   Performance
Digital Media: Journalism/New Media Advertising  | Film and Media Production


Get Involved

Actor's Guild, Costuming and Fashion Club, Improv Club, Photography Club . . . We could go on and on about all of the on campus opportunities to get involved in the arts. Joppa Hall is home to Art + Design, Music, and Theater programs and it is always bustling with activity. The Blackbox Theater, gallery, and the recital spaces give students the opportunity to show and perform their work while working with faculty who are sculptors, painters, musicians and actors themselves. The synergy is palpable! Many students choose to earn extra money for college by working on sets, costumes and sound for productions in the Chesapeake Theater or earn credits by working on the national award-winning Owl Magazine. There are jazz ensembles and vocal groups that perform on campus and in the community too. This is a vibrant area and those who choose to study in one of its many programs won't be disappointed.

Work and Transfer Options

Students pursuing careers within this interest area have several options, depending on where they plan to take their career. Many, however, choose to transfer into a four-year degree program where they can continue their arts education. Others continue to hone their craft on the stage or in a performing group. On air personalities may find themselves excelling at a radio station while a design student may choose to work in an environment where they can learn while working in a studio or agency. Students in these fields use their talent and skill every day and whether they choose to learn while working or while continuing a degree path, they find success while continuing to learn.