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Short Term Classes

It's not too late to start!

Term 2, 5-week, 7-week, late start, 12-week . . . you may hear a variety of terms used but what's important is that Harford Community College offers classes that begin at various times throughout  the semester.

Take a look and see what interests you, then give us a call.


7-Week (Term 2) Classes Begin OCT 17


  • you're able to do a late start if you weren't ready at the beginning of the semester
  • you're able to focus on one class for a shorter period of time
  • you can retake a class without getting behind
  • you can add an extra class if your schedule allows
  • earn the same number of credits in half the time

ACCT 101: Principles I
computer information sciences
CIS 135: Intro to Networks
CIS 217: Intro to Web Programming
CIS 229: Python Programming Language
communication studies
CMST 101: Speech Fundamentals
DRAM 203: Survey of World Drama
ECON 101: Macroeconomics
EDUC 104: Materials and Curriculum in Early Childhood
EDUC 205: Instruction of Reading
EDUC 206: Literacy in Content Area: I
EDUC 225: Prevocational and Vocational Curriculum and Methods for Persons with Disabilities
FR 102: Elementary French
FR 202: Intermediate French II
HIST 104: History of the US II
HIST 110: World History II
HLTH 101: Contemporary Health Issues
HLTH 102: EMC, First Aid, and Safety
HLTH 103: Wellness Theory & Applications
information assurance/cybersecurity
ISS 105: Intro to Cybersecurity
ISS 112: CISCO 2
ISS 220: Strategic Infrastructure Security
ISS 222: Computer Forensics

medical assisting
MAS 120: Medical Assisting Fundamentals
MAS 124: Clinical Medical Assisting II
MAS 127 : Admin Medical Assisting II
MAS 200: Laboratory Procedure for Medical Assisting
MAS 210: Medical Assisting Practicum
MATH 020: Pre- Algebra I
MATH 021: Pre-Algebra II
MATH 024: STEM Track I
MATH 025: STEM Track II
MATH 102: Contemporary Math
MATH 212: Calculus with Applications
NURS 112: Contemporary Issues in Nursing
physical education
PE: Aqua Yoga, Indoor Cycling, Cardio Fitness, Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Dance Movement, Advanced Weight Training
PSY 101: General Psychology
PSY 214: Human Development Across Life Span
student development
SDEV 103: Career and Life Planning
SOC 101: Intro to Sociology
SOC 102: Social Problems
THEA 106: Script Analysis

2nd 5-Week Classes Begin SEP 26

business administration
BA 107: Principles of Supervision
physical education
PE: Hiking and Jogging
student development
SDEV 111: Personal Career Exploration
SDEV 112: Job Search Techniques

3rd 5-Week Classes Begin OCT 31

business administration
BA 101: Intro to Business
physical education
PE: Fitness, Jogging
student development
SDEV 111: Personal Career Exploration
SDEV 112: Job Search Techniques