Get Your Harford ID + Library Card

COVID UPDATE (rev. 6APR21) Harford Community College Library will not be issuing Student or Employee ID cards during the COVID-19 closures. New and returning studentswithout IDs will be assigned temporary Library barcodes that may be used to borrow Library equipment and materials. No physical ID will be required of those who are unable to get their card due to COVID-19 restrictions.

If you require an ID to access a workplace, internship, or secure location, you may be granted an exception and be eligible to receive an ID. Consult your Harford Community College instructor, administrator, or dean for guidance. If you have already received permission to obtain an ID, request your photo appointment.

Questions may be directed to Brad Keene,, Manager for Circulation & Acquisitions.


Employees must have their photo taken at the Library in order to create their Employee ID card. The ID card will then be printed with security swipe access and be provided to you by Campus Operations.

Alternate Contacts

Lois Entner, Assistant Library Director 
Dr. Karen Rege, Dean for Teaching, Learning, and Information