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Licensed Electronic Resources Access Policy

Access to and use of electronic resources and licensed online content is restricted to authorized users within the Harford Community College Library (HCC) community. The term "Authorized users" includes people who are currently associated with HCC Library, such as faculty, staff and credit students, and community borrowers who are physically on-campus. Some content may also be restricted to certain HCC populations (such as by course or department).

Authorized users are responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of these license agreements, as well as the Copyright Act of 1976.

While each vendor has its own unique licensing language, in general most licenses allow authorized users to:

License agreements prohibit the following uses:

Infringement of these basic restrictions may prompt a publisher/vendor to deny access to their licensed content to an individual, or to the entire HCC Community.

Questions about the proper use of HCC Library’s electronic resources should be sent to the Electronic Resources Librarian, or Assistant Director for the Library.