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Children and Youth in the Library Policy

Unattended Children

In accordance with Harford Community College (HCC) Board of Trustees policy on Access/Trespass and the Campus Access Limitations as stated in the HCC Student Handbook and College Catalog, the HCC Library does not allow children (ages 12 and under) to be left unattended in the building at any time, under any circumstances. For the Library, ‘attended’ means that the child is within the responsible adult’s line of sight. Children age 12 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult. See Children age 12 and under who are unattended in the Library may be reported to Public Safety, who will then attempt to locate the parent or guardian and notify the parent or guardian of the College’s policy and procedures.

Use of Library Resources by Children and Youth

Youth between the ages of 13 and 17 may use HCC Library resources, based on availability. In order to borrow library materials or use the computers located in the building, persons aged 13 to 17 years must have the consent of their parent or legal guardian to obtain an HCC Youth library card. The library card application process requires that both the parent/guardian and youth obtain an HCC library card and sign a consent form that outlines the limits and responsibilities of use. The consent must be signed in the presence of Reference or Circulation staff. Parents/guardians are responsible for all library materials borrowed on the youth’s library account and will experience borrowing and renewal blocks if the HCC Youth account, or accounts for which they are responsible, accumulate more than $20.00 in fines or fees.

Children aged 12 and under may not use library computers. HCC Youth library card holders may use library computers based on availability; credit students will be given priority for computer use. Computer use is governed by the College’s Computer Use Guidelines which states that loaning or sharing a user account is prohibited. The complete policy is available at,

* Definition: In this document, the definition of “children” or “youth” excludes currently enrolled HCC students who are under 18 years of age.