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Archives Policy

Use of College Archives

The resources in the College Archives are open for use by faculty, staff, and students, as well as the broader community. As a part of the Harford Community College Library, the Archives follows the Children and Youth in the Library policy. Children age 12 and under may not handle archives material.


The College Archives follows the Board Manual’s policy on copyright. Individual reproduction of archives material is permitted for personal research use only; beyond personal use, a Release Form is required and will be granted at the discretion of Harford Community College.

The researcher may photograph material with a handheld camera or cell phone, but no flash is permitted. Any needed scanning will be performed by staff only, and is subject to availability.

Proper citation is required.

Donation & Transfer of Material

The College Archives collects material that relates to the history of Harford Community College. Material donated/transferred to the Archives are transferred to its permanent custody for examination, arrangement, maintenance, possible digitization, and disposition. A Transfer of Records form, including contact information and signature, is required.