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AREA OF INTEREST:Science | Healthcare | Wellness

Students who want to pursue majors within this interest area have a passion for discovery and using/studying science to help people. They enjoy helping others, either directly or indirectly, and look at what they offer as a long term benefit to living a longer and healthier life. They thrive on process and attention to detail, and care about community and the environment—especially as it relates to health, medicines, and the interactions between them. Sound like you? Explore the programs of study that Harford Community College offers in this interest area.



If you choose to study a program in this interest area you will always have opportunities on campus! The Biological Outreach Initiative, the Biology Club, S-STEM Scholars, the Engineering Club, and the Student Nursing Club are just a few of the student groups you can join. There are also opportunities to participate in research projects and present at regional and national conferences. In the past, some of our student nurses have complete clinical work abroad in Belize and in Narva, Estonia. STEM Day on campus allows students to present projects to the community and many opportnities are available to engage and network with professionals in these fields.


Thanks to grants from the National Science Foundation, eligible students may apply for S-STEM and Biotechnology scholarships that pay for a large portion of their studies in the sciences. There are also several College and Foundation scholarships available to those in Community Health, Nursing, and the Sciences, as well as opportunities to earn transfer scholarships. Talk to your advisor for more information.

Work Options

Allied Health certifications in this area will get you direct entry into the workforce, often with the option of building your education as you go, but most programs within this interest area require you to transfer after you earn an associate degree.

Transfer Options

Transfer and career options abound in this interest area! You can take your career into medicine, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, teaching, biotechnology, research and development, engineering, healthcare . . . Many who choose these careers go on to earn Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degrees.


Program Spotlight: Biotechnology

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