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AREA OF INTEREST:Business | Finance

Students who are drawn to majors with an interest in business and related fields are known to be energetic, ambitious, and social. They may enjoy leading or persuading others and look at organizations and imagine how they could be more efficient or productive. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, like to make and grow money, have interest in turning passions into new ventures, or enjoy managing money of any kind, a major in this interest area may be for you. 


Get Involved

Students with an interest in the Business | Finance arena have several opportunities on campus. Clubs like BCAT and  Emerging Leaders allows students to attend regional and national conferences to learn leadership styles that will transfer into their careers. Internships with local financial planners and bankers, leadership opportunities like Student Government, and on- and off-campus networking opportunities give students a taste of what these fields help students hone transferrable skills, while exploring personal values, goals, and career options. And for marketing students, semester-long projects such as writing marketing plans with local businesses as clients have earned student's high grades, valuable experience, and internship offers with those businesses.


Harford Community College offers several scholarships specifically for those interested in pursuing careers in this interest area. For a complete list, check out Harford's Scholarship Book.



When it comes to careers in the Business | Finance interest area, options are wide open! Students in a recent cohort of 4Financial internships were so impressed with the companies they were working for, many accepted full-time positions before they were over. Others in these fields choose to transfer and earn Bachelor's degrees and MBAs. Still others choose the entrepreneurial route and start their own business. Such was the case with former Harford students and veterans Derell Lee and Jon Pace who watched their dream become a reality with the launch of their company Vegun Nutrition.