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Veterans SITREP

Programming developed specifically for our veterans, their families, caregivers and the supporting community

The Veterans SITREP (Situation Report) radio series provides a platform to connect veterans, families, friends, and support networks to address veterans’ issues and provides information about resources that will help veterans in their lives.

Every Thursday at 6:30 PM, host Colonel Bill Montgomery (U.S. Army, Retired) will interview featured guests. The program will be broadcast live on WHFC 91.1 FM, live streamed, and become available on the WHFC Podcast webpage and available on Spotify.

Veterans SITREP is always open to listener feedback and ideas. We're also looking ahead to a Q&A episode that will try to address any questions you have.  Please send feedback, questions, ideas, etc. to

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A Salute to Our Sponsors

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Resources Discussed on the SITREP

Episodes 1 & 2: Anthony Woods, Secretary of the VA for Maryland
In our inaugural Veterans SITREP episodes, Anthony Woods gives us a broad overview of what the Maryland VA is doing for veterans in the state. Between legislation, communication, and veterans service organizations, there’s a lot going on. Some of the resources for veterans that Secretary Woods mentions in the programs.

Episodes 3 & 4: Mary Jane Jernigan, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army
Mary Jane Jernigan serves as a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, a vital link between the Army and the community. She joins host Bill Montgomery (U.S. Army, retired) in the WHFC Studio to talk about veterans, recruiting, transitioning, veteran service organizations and more. Some of the resources for veterans that CASA Jernigan mentions in the programs:

Episode 5: Noah Courtney & Barbara Travers - Veteran Education Benefits
Noah Courtney, Coast Guard veteran, and Barbara Travers, Coordinator for APG and Veterans' Services for Harford Community College, join us on Veterans SITREP to discuss education benefits available to veterans. We also hear about vision care from Dr. Frank Sparandero, local discounts for veterans and more. 

Episode 6: Delegate Andre Johnson
Delegate Andre Johnson represents District 34A of Harford County in the Maryland House of Delegates. He's an Army veteran, member of the Veteran Caucus of Maryland, former member of the Harford County Commission on Veterans Affairs, the list goes on. Needless to say, Delegate Johnson has a lot to say about supporting veterans as he joins host Bill Montgomery on Veterans SITREP. 

Episode 7: Joe Giordano - Project Opportunity
Are you a veteran or military spouse who is interested in starting your own business? Project Opportunity was created to help you realize that dream. Joe Giordano, founder and CEO, joins us on Veterans SITREP to talk about entrepreneurship for veterans. Dr. Frank offers advice about diabetes, and much more. 

Episode 8: Dr. Theresa Felder, President of Harford Community College

Dr. Theresa Felder has been involved in the armed forces all of her life, from family members in the services - to becoming a military spouse. As the President of Harford Community College, she now helps to ensure that students, from veterans and active duty and their families, are able to use their benefits to gain an education. We'll also hear about fatty liver disease from Dr. Frank, discounts for vets and more. 

Episodes 9 & 10: Major General Robert Edmonson & Ellen Edmonson, RN, MPH

We are joined on Veterans SITREP by a true power couple. Major General Robert Edmonson II is the Senior Mission Commander at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Ellen Edmonson is Deputy Director of Operations and Quality for Telehealth Services, Office of Connected Care at the Veterans Health Administration. We are proud to host them, and listen in for a lot of great resources for veterans. The Major General’s participation and interview does not imply nor constitute official DoD or Army endorsement of Harford Community College, WHFC 91.1 FM, Veterans SITREP, or any other Non-Federal Entity.

Episode 11: Keith Reagan & Bob Brown - Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) works as an advocate on legislative issues that involve veterans and their families. Keith Reagan and Bob Brown of the Susquehanna Chapter of MOAA join us today to discuss what they do - and what you can do to help as well. Dr. Frank addresses unique health challenges for women veterans, plus discounts and resources.

Episode 12: Cathy Schmidt & Katy Santiff: Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding

Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding is committed to changing lives, and that includes veterans who have served in any of the armed services. In this episode, Founder & Executive Director Cathy Schmidt and Program Director Katy Santiff discuss how Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding pays special attention to the rehabilitative needs of veterans with emphasis on physical, psychological and social healing.

Episode 13: Harford County Executive Bob Cassilly

Bob Cassilly is the County Executive for Harford County, Maryland, and one of his many responsibilities is to address the needs of veterans in the area. It comes naturally, as he is a combat veteran himself and comes from a family with generations of people who have served in the military. We’ll hear about the many programs and future plans that are in store for veterans and their families in Harford County.

Episode 14:  Heather Gibson & Scott Zoeller - Habitat For Humanity Susquehanna

Are you a veteran that owns a home? Are you a family member who owns a home and a veteran lives with you? Then we’re pleased to share today’s interview with Heather Gibson & Scott Zoeller from Habitat For Humanity Susquehanna. They have a home repair grant program that may be of service to you. 

Episode 15: Dr. Vishal Vaghela, Baltimore VA Medical Center & Antione Waller, Executive Director of the Baltimore Regional Office, Veterans Benefits Administration - PACT Act

Are you a veteran, spouse, caregiver or friend that is confused by the details of the new PACT Act? On this episode of Veterans SITREP, we have two experts to clarify what it's all about. In collaboration with the Maryland VA Health Care System, we are joined by Dr. Vishal Vaghela from the Baltimore VA Medical Center and Antione Waller, Executive Director of the Baltimore Regional Office of the Veterans Benefits Administration.

Episodes 16 & 17: Nikole Jones & Jon Hollands - Suicide Prevention

Veterans SITREP is joined by two members of the Maryland VA Health Care System: Nikole Jones, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, and Jon Hollands, Peer Support Specialist. We have a two-part conversation about this extremely pressing and important topic. 

Episode 18: Delegate Mike Griffith

In this episode, we feature Delegate Mike Griffith, Maryland State Delegate for District 35A.   Delegate Griffith serves on the Maryland General Assembly Veterans Caucus.  He will highlight many veteran centered legislative measures that passed during the 2023 session and share future initiatives for the 2024 session.

Episodes 19 & 20: Major General Janeen Birckhead, The Adjutant General of Maryland

Veterans SITREP is excited to present an interview with Major General Janeen Birckhead, the Adjutant General of Maryland. That means she is the lead military official of Maryland and oversees the Maryland National Guard, the Maryland Defense Force and more. 

Episode 21: Ryan Del Gallo, Veterans Business Outreach Center

Ryan Del Gallo is a Senior Level Business and Technology Consultant and Senior Veteran Business Specialist. He has helped start over 200 new businesses, created over 700 jobs in the community and gained clients over $55 million in funding for their enterprises. Have big dreams for entrepreneurship? Ryan is a tireless resource.

Episode 22 & 23: John Clow & Shanita Burch, VA Maryland Health Care System: Veteran Homelessness

Homelessness and houselessness is a major issue in the veteran population. In this episode, we'll hear from social workers John Clow and Shanita Burch about the Community Resource and Referral Center in Baltimore and many programs and efforts by the VA Maryland Health Care System to address the needs of homeless veterans. 

Episode 24: George Hammerbacher, Toys for Tots

I'm sure you've seen big, colorful donation boxes around town during the holiday season. Veterans SITREP gets an inside look into the Toys for Tots program from George "The Hammer" Hammerbacher III of the Marine Corps League of Harford County, Maryland. 

Episode 25: Josie Montanez: Wreaths Across America

Remember the fallen, honor those that serve, teach the next generation the value of freedom. That’s the mission of Wreaths Across America, and in this episode of Veterans SITREP we’ll speak with one of the location coordinators, Josie Montanez.

Episodes 26 & 27: Phil Munley: Director, Service and Benefits Program, Maryland VA

Phil Munley joins us on Veterans SITREP to talk about the many programs available through the Maryland VA. If there's a veteran service organization or benefit available for the veterans in Maryland, Phil and his team can help you with it. 


Episode 28: Yolanda Rayford: Blue Star Families

We’re excited to share our conversation with Yolanda Rayford of Blue Star Families. She fills us in on the work they do on a wide range of issues that affect military and veteran families, such as transitioning, job training for spouses, PCS help, food insecurity and more.'

Episode 29: Maryland VA Health Care System: Recreational and Creative Arts Therapy

On this episode of Veterans SITREP, we’ll explore various Recreation and Creative Arts Therapy options open to veterans through the VA Maryland VA Health Care System. Kelsey Eisenhauer, a Creative Arts Therapist in Music Therapy, & Lauren Buckingham, a Recreation Therapist and Adaptive Sports Coordinator will share many fun and entertaining ways for veterans to reach their rehabilitation and wellness goals. 

Episodes 30 & 31: Anthony Woods, Secretary of the VA for Maryland - 2024 Update

Today, we revisit the Maryland VA Secretary, Tony Woods to catch up with his reflections of the past eight months and what is ahead for this legislative session affecting veterans and their families in the State of Maryland.   We’ll explore what’s involved in the 2024 Year for Military Families in Maryland and cover a series of developments affecting Maryland VA programs.   

Episodes 32 & 33: Dr. Michael Haynie, D'Aniello Institute for Veterans & Military Families

Veterans SITREP welcomes Dr. Mike Haynie, Air Force veteran and founder of Syracuse University’s D'Aniello Institute for Veterans & Military Families, the nation’s first interdisciplinary institute created to inform and advance the policy, economic, and wellness concerns of America’s veterans and families.   He’ll present his thoughts on the moral obligation to know our veterans and the consequences if we don’t.

Episode 34: Katie Kilby, Reveille Grounds

Veterans SITREP is excited to share our conversation with Katie Kilby, founder of Reveille Grounds in Baltimore, Maryland. She refers to Reveille Grounds as Baltimore’s only veteran and community impact hub. This hub uses human centered design strategies and is accountable to the community they serve by connecting people, curating resources, and convening opportunities that will set the gold standard for collaborative impact.

Episodes 35 & 36: Maryland VA Health Care System: Dr. Paula Smith-Benson, Peer Specialist

We're proud to present our conversations with Dr. Paula Smith-Benson, a peer specialist for the Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Mental Health Clinical Center, VA Maryland Health Care System.  Dr. Smith Benson is a retired US Air Force officer and combat veteran who will share her unique experience as a Clinical Nurse while deployed as part of Operation Enduring Freedom/ Iraqi Freedom caring for wounded in battle.  She’ll explain how unrecognized PTSD symptoms affected her transition from active duty and how she turned her life around as a peer specialist helping veterans with mental health and substance misuse disorders.

Episode 37: Ross Cohen, Deputy Secretary of the VA for Maryland

We're happy to welcome the newly appointed Deputy Secretary, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, Ross Cohen. Ross, a U.S. Army veteran was appointed in January of 2024 and served as the Chief External Affairs Officer with Blue Star Families, a leading military family non-profit.  He’ll share the events that led him to military service, how he was selected as Deputy, and what his core focus is for the coming year supporting veterans in Maryland.

Episode 38: Will Yeske: Damn The Valley

Today, we welcome Will Yeske, a US Army combat veteran, and author of a recent publication, Damn The Valley, a book about a combat experience with the 82d Airborne Division that suffered a 50% casualty rate during a deployment.  He’ll shed light on the challenges faced by veterans, the significance of community engagement, and the importance of storytelling as a means of healing and advocacy.   His candid reflections offer a rare glimpse into the world of a soldier, emphasizing the need for understanding, support, and recognition for those who've served beyond their uniforms.

Episode 39: Maryland VA Health Care System: Alison Miller, Medical Foster Homes

Today, we sit down with Alison Taylor, Medical Foster Homes Coordinator, Geriatrics & Extended Care Department, at Perry Point VA Medical Center.   She’ll share a unique option for veterans in need of assisted living.  VA’s Medical Foster Home program works with caregivers in the community to provide veterans needing assistance with daily living as an alternative to staying in a nursing home. 

Episode 40: Dario DiBattista: Director, Military & Veterans Center: Towson University

Today, we get to know Dr. Dario DiBattista, Director of Towson University’s Military & Veterans Center.  Dario is an Marine combat veteran, who served in Civil Affairs contributing to nation-building in combat zones and other international places.  He’s in his fourth year as Director of the Military & Veterans Center, and Towson University was ranked number 7 among the best public regional universities for veterans.   Dario will explore how the Center’s services impact student veterans and their family members beyond processing necessary benefits earned through service.  He’ll also share key resources and encouragement to go back to college to broaden veteran job placement opportunities.

Episode 41: Molli Mayberry: MKM Collective

We welcome Molli Maberry, Founder and Lead Event Planner for MKM Collective LLC. Molli is a military spouse from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland who won second place in the Early Start-Up category for her business pitch for MKM Collective, LLC, her event planning company.   She’ll share candid advice for military and veterans’ spouses on how to prepare for entrepreneurship opportunities, what the Project Opportunity program did to set the foundation for a business venture and why employers should look closely at military spouses as a resource to fill their positions.


Episode 42: Bob Brown: Veterans Affairs Coordinator, Harford County, Maryland

Bob Brown is the first person to fill the position of Veterans Affairs Coordinator for Harford County, Maryland.  We’ll hear about what that position entails and how it’s going. After 23 years as an officer in the Army, Bob continues a life of serving others, including his time as part of the Veterans SITREP panel that helps us develop this program.


General resources for veterans:

Discounts & perks for veterans and their families: 
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