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WHFC Programming

WHFC is proud to bring you the talents and passion of Harford Community College students and volunteers from our community.

If you're interested in participating on WHFC as a volunteer host, producer, or just lend a hand, please get in touch at We also appreciate your input and are always interested in hearing your feedback. We've been voted #1 Radio Station in Harford County for several years running because of our relationship with the listeners we serve.

From 7am to 6pm weekdays and on several evenings, we play AAA music. Curious what “AAA++” stands for? Technically it’s “Adult Album Alternative,” but think of it this way: those stations that play only pop or soul or rock or hip hop or country - we’re mashing them all together. Who listens to just one kind of music, anyway? Also, we like +’s.

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Show Schedule

  • 12 AM - The Nightbird
  • 07 AM - Harford’s Classic Country
  • 12 PM - Afternoon Classics
  • 02 PM - Sunday Afternoon Classics with Dr. Frank Sparandero
  • 04 PM - Irish Stew
  • 06 PM - eTown
  • 07 PM - Putumayo World Music
  • 08 PM - L.A. Theatre Works
  • 10 PM - Stuck in the Psychedelic Era
  • 12 AM - The Nightbird
  • 07 AM - The Morning Show with Tyler Buck
  • 09 AM - AAA++
  • 10 AM - AAA++ with Josiah
  • 01 PM - The Twin Power Hour with Jon and Matt Wessel
  • 02 PM - AAA++ with Bec Wright
  • 04 PM - Monday’s Mix With Rick
  • 05 PM - Afternoon Downbeat with Bill Montgomery
  • 06 PM - Feedback with Professor Wayne Hepler (6-6:30) / MPT’s State Circle (6:30-7) / HCC 360 (6:30-7 first Monday of the month)
  • 07 PM - Musical Mystery Tour with Beth
  • 09 PM - The Retro Cocktail Hour
  • 12 AM - The Nightbird
  • 07 AM - The Morning Show with Ty Buck
  • 09 AM - AAA++
  • 10 AM - Tuesday’s Tunes with Seth Chason
  • 01 PM - AAA++
  • 02 PM - Deep Vinyl with RJ Rigler
  • 03 PM - AAA++ with Bear Hardiman
  • 04 PM - AAA++
  • 05 PM - AAA++ with Nick Moline
  • 06 PM - Desert Island Jazz with Dave May
  • 09 PM - Blues & More From The Basement with Skip Dorer
  • 11 PM - NOT-So-Moody Blues with Big Jim
  • 12 AM - The Nightbird
  • 07 AM - The Morning Show with Ty Buck
  • 09 AM - Fire Alarm with Adam Alkhatib
  • 10 AM - Game Night with Matt Konski
  • 12 PM - The 80s Hour with Gabe Bassford
  • 01 PM - The Woods with Uriah Northwood
  • 02 PM - Dave’s Faves
  • 03 PM - AAA++ with Lea Echegaray
  • 04 PM - Playing Darts with Kelly Christ
  • 06 PM - Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio
  • 07 PM - Fresh Trax with Matt Terry
  • 08 PM - Joyride Media Hour
  • 09 PM - Rock School
  • 10 PM - Rockin’ in the Days of Confusion
  • 12 AM - The Nightbird
  • 07 AM - The Morning Show with Ty Buck
  • 09 AM - AAA++
  • 10 AM – Spirit of Radio with Michael Puglisi
  • 11 AM – Noah’s Morning Wake-Up with Noah Frontera
  • 12 PM - The Eclectic Hour with Jared Akehurst
  • 01 PM - The Replacement Show with Selah Edwards
  • 02 PM - AAA++
  • 03 PM - AAA++ with Jim
  • 04 PM - AAA++
  • 05 PM - Afternoon Downbeat II with Bill Montgomery
  • 06 PM - The Water Cooler with Evan John (6-6:30) - With Good Reason (6:30-7)
  • 07 PM - Cheap City with Aiden Urbina
  • 09 PM - FM Odyssey
  • 12 AM - The Nightbird
  • 07 AM - The Morning Show with Ty Buck
  • 09 AM - The Eagle with Max Hinkle
  • 10 AM - The 5th Hour with Evan John
  • 12 PM - The Power Hour with Eddie Kraus
  • 01 PM - AAA++
  • 02 PM - Back in the Day with Harry Spikes
  • 04 PM - The Good Stuff with Tyler Buck
  • 06 PM - Travel With Rick Steves
  • 07 PM - Many Roads with Irene Stoss
  • 09 PM - The Night Owls with Seth Chason and Evan John
  • 11 PM - Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour
  • 12 AM - The Nightbird
  • 07 AM - Pa-Pop’s Doo Wop Era Music
  • 09 AM - Golden Age Of Radio with RJ Rigler
  • 12 PM - Saturday Noon Sounds with George Pfeiffer
  • 03 PM - Under the Lights with Nasia Creamer
  • 04 PM - Desert Island Jazz II with Dave May
  • 07 PM - Retro Radio with Greg Petrosino
  • 09 PM - The Block Party (50s-70s) with Joyce Conroy


Your Favorite Shows On WHFC 91.1 FM

AAA++ | MON-FRI, 9am-6pm
College radio lives! Join our deep dive into sounds from the last 70 years – rock, blues, hip hop, pop, folk, soul, country, R&B – brought to you by a cast of serious music lovers.

Back in the Day with Harry Spikes | FRI, 2-4pm 
Music never sounded so good! Enjoy a cool blend of Classic Rock and R&B from the 80s and 90s and a little bit of music history with Mr. Spikes!

Musical Mystery Tour with Beth | MON, 7-9pm
Beth has a knack for finding connections between songs that is pure magic. She spins a web of music that will expand your mind.

The Block Party  |  SAT, 9pm–Midnight
Joyce Conroy spins "the platters that matter" from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Blues & More from The Basement  |  TUE, 9–11pm
Skip's got the blues, and he wants to give them to you.

Cheap City with Aiden Urbina | TH, 7-9pm
One fan wrote that the songs she heard on Cheap City were “all absolute bangers.” Bangers 1. (Informal) - a song with a loud, energetic beat that is good for dancing to.

Crossroads with Jim Charvat | MON, 1-4pm
Big Jim has been gracing our airwaves for a couple of decades, and he still leaves our head spinning with how much he knows about music.

Desert Island Jazz  |  TUE, 6-9pm & SAT, 4-7pm
Classic, straight-ahead jazz spanning 1950 to present. Featuring jazz giants such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans and Chico Hamilton plus up-and-coming talent deserving wider recognition, hosted by "Professor" Dave May.

The Eclectic Hour with Jared Akehurst | TH, 12-1pm
Musical curiosity in action! Jared guides us through an hour of his favorites mixed with tunes he has never heard before. Long live music discovery.

Feedback  |  MON, 6–6:30pm
Wayne Hepler hosts WHFC's local public affairs show, focusing on the people, issues and events that matter most.

Fresh Trax  |  WED, 7-8pm
Independent local and regional musicians of all genres are in the spotlight for a fast hour of music and conversation with Matt Terry.

The Arcade with Matt Konski | WED, 10am-Noon
Anime soundtracks, video game tunes, YouTube series theme songs, unusual indie pop – all that and way more brought to you by Matt every week.

Golden Age of Radio with RJ Rigler |  SAT, 9am–Noon
Climb aboard WHFC’s "time machine" for a trip back to radio's golden past, with the likes of The Shadow, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, The Lone Ranger, Dragnet, sci-fi classics and so much more.

The Good Stuff with Tyler Buck | FRI, 4-6pm
What’s in a name? Well, in this case, the truth. Tyler brings “The Good Stuff” each week including his favorite tracks, cover songs, ‘songs that my dad might like’ and a lot more fun.

Harford Sports Hour 
Athletes and athletics from area high schools and colleges are topics of discussion each week. (On hiatus)

HCC 360HCC 360 | First Monday of the month, 6:30-7pm
It’s a team-up! WHFC and the HCC Communications Department present HCC 360, our collaboration to show off the amazing things happening at Harford Community College. From workforce training to forensics classes to summer camps, HCC 360 reflects how there’s something for everyone at HCC.

Irish Stew | SUN 4-6pm
A growing selection of Irish country, folk and rock. Many of these songs are archived from the personal collection of WHFC's long-time member and friend, Ed McBride. Ed preserved and played Irish music for listeners for over 40 years, and Irish Stew preserves that history in memory of Ed McBride. 

The Morning Show with The Jazz Doctor Terry Trouyet |  MON-FRI, 7–9am
Join the "Jazz Doctor" Terry Trouyet for the hippest jazz trip in America, Bel Air and beyond - weekdays at the corner of Mainstream and Jazz.

Many Roads  |  FRI, 7–9pm
Eclectic music presented by Irene Stoss.

The Nightbird |  Nightly, 12–7am
Jazz, jazz, jazz and more jazz.

The Night Owls with Seth & Evan | FRI 9-11pm
What do you get when you take a late-night talk show, blend it with music, mid-show text messages fact-checking your hosts, and two sports broadcasters with the occasional guest where anything and everything can happen? Well, you get Night Owls hosted by Seth Chason & Evan John. One of the only late-night talk shows hosted by two college students in the area.

The NOT-SO-Moody Blues  |  TUE, 11pm - Midnight
Not all Blues music gives you the blues. Big Jim is your host.

Playing Darts with Kelly Christ | WED, 4-6pm
Listening to music is like playing darts.  We hear a song and bullseye---we are exactly somewhere in place and time.  Playing Darts is a show dedicated to music and its capacity to perfectly place us in the middle of a memory

Retro Radio | SAT, 7-9pm
Greg Petrosino hosts this musical journey featuring both hits and obscure album cuts from the 60s & 70s

Saturday Noon Sounds with George Pfeiffer | SAT, 12-3pm
Ready to fill your day with romance and adventure? George brings you that and a lot more, from classical standards to the best of Broadway.

Sunday Afternoon with “Dr. Frank” Sparandero | SUN, 2-4pm
Dr. Frank recommends that you take a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon to relax with Mozart, Schubert, Chopin and a lot more.  Doctor’s orders.

Tuesday’s Tunes with Seth Chason | TUES, 11am-1pm
Imagine you’re waiting for the headliner at an arena rock concert, and over the speakers they are playing every epic anthem to get your heart pounding. That’s Tuesday’s Tunes.

The Woods with Uriah Northwood | WED, 1-2pm
Why camp alone when you’ve got The Woods? Uriah brings on some of the great pop tunes of the last 30 years.



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