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WHFC 91.1 FM

WHFC 91.1 FM, Harford Community College Radio, is about more than just great music—it's about community—and about showcasing the talents of our students and community volunteers.

WHFC is the college radio station of Harford County. It’s designed for—and run by—the Harford County community. Focused on teaching and learning, WHFC's student learning lab is for anyone interested in radio and podcasting. It provides a college radio experience for students and community volunteers interested in learning the business and/or production side of radio. 

Become a part of your local college radio station! WHFC exists because of you, our growing community of listeners. Your support allows us to keep training and entertaining, and we thank you.


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Contributions from our loyal listeners and local businesses directly support our community of students and volunteers. They make our programs possible. If you would like to promote your business while supporting local arts and education, contact WHFC Station Coordinator Terry Trouyet about how you can increase your visibility through underwriting. Underwriters receive 10–25 thirty-second on-air messages per week and is tax-deductible for most businesses. 

WHFC 91.1 FM is grateful for the generous support of our local underwriters. 


Whether you choose to explore your talents on-air, producing, writing, engineering, marketing, or in sales, the WHFC team will tailor the training to your particular interest—no experience required.

A special thanks to Hyper Media for providing FREE streaming since 2003. We thank them for their continued support of WHFC 91.1 FM.
WHFC 91.1 FM invites listeners to review our public access documents.

Access the WHFC Public File.