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One Step Away

You're already so close, let's take the final step together!

One Step Away programStudents aren't always able to complete college immediately; many things can get in the way of a student's goal to complete their degree. But that doesn't mean the end of the road. Maryland's One Step Away program assists students returning to college by providing associate degree grant funding to Maryland institutions so they can identify, contact, re-enroll, and graduate students.

Who is eligible:

  • Students that have 45 or more college level credits completed.
  • Students that have not been enrolled in college for at least one year.
  • Students that did not transfer to, or finish a degree at, another institution
  • Students who are in good academic standing.

What One Step Away does:

  • Identifies students who qualify for the program and conducts outreach efforts.
  • OSA provides one-on-one, concierge advising and support that walks a student through the re-admission process, gets the student registered for classes, and assists with the financial aid process. Advisors will help students with working with admissions, financial aid, career development, records and registration, and other departments as needed. This student will be assigned to the advisor that helps them and the advisor will help the student from admissions to completion.  Financial assistance has been made available on a first come first serve basis where students are given the equivalent of their first class back for free and quite possibly that could cover the cost of a book as well!
  • Works with representatives many functional areas of the college including financial aid, institutional effectiveness, registration and records, and marketing.
  • Advisors develop individualized degree completion plans for each student identified as in the program. We determine if a student can graduate in their declared major or more quickly in a different major.