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AREA OF INTEREST:General Studies

Whether you aren't quite sure what you want to pursue or have a set plan for transferring, the General Studies program is designed to build a broad base of knowledge and earn general education credits that will transfer to most four-year universities. Students choosing a general studies path follow a structured twelve-credit concentration in a single field, balanced with general education courses that allow for exploration of various disciplines.

This degree program encourages students to tailor their schedule to meet the requirements of their selected transfer institution while working with that institution to ensure a successful transfer of credits.


Transfer Options

This program is designed to help students build a solid foundation from which to transfer to a four-year university. 

Work Options

General Studies is not designed to be a terminal degree but one that allows you to explore your interests while earning credits that will transfer into several fields.

Get Involved

If you choose General Studies, know that you will have several academic clubs and activities to choose from. Harford offers clubs in diverse areas such as Engineering and Biology to the arts and gaming. Check out all of our student groups to learn more. Harford Community College also offers several honors programs and societies that encourage students to challenge themselves academically and open themselves to new opportunities for transfer.