Behavioral Health Services

On-site Counseling offers confidential, free, short-term counseling for enrolled credit students.

Online, confidential mental health screening is also available to students through OwlNet. Call 410.583.2222 to make an appointment. Drop-ins are also available in the Student Center.

Student Assistance Program

Harford's Student Assistance Program offers convenient, caring and personal support to help students navigate the everyday challenges that can interfere with the ability to learn, thrive within the college setting, and prepare for life after college. The Program is free for students and provides in-the- moment support to help students navigate the everyday challenges that can interfere with the ability to learn and thrive. Information can be accessed through OwlNet.

Program Features

  • Nationwide, Toll-Free Hotline
    800-327-2251 (TTY/130 languages accommodated)

  • Care Coordination and In-The Moment Support
    Care Coordinators are master's-level clinicians who confidentially assess your problem, assist with any emergencies and connect you to resources. They then become your personal point of contact and will keep in touch to help you navigate all aspects of your life.

  • Assessment and Referral to Appropriate Resources
    If appropriate, the Student Assistance Program can provide telephonic, video and face-to-face sessions with a counselor.

  • Access to an Online Resource Library
    The library provides information about preparing for college, student success, student health and safety, after college, relationships, financial literacy, health, resilience, legal forms, personal growth, emotional well-being, and more as well as access to health videos and webinars.


Remote Counseling

  • Remote Counseling offers confidential, free, on-site, short term counseling for enrolled credit students to address emotional, behavioral, relationship, substance use, and anger management issues.

  • Counselor: Jody Grodnitzky, LCPC, Associated Mental Health Specialists

  • Sessions: By appointment only, call 410-583-2222 to schedule an appointment and let them know you are a Harford Community College student.

  • Availability: August 24, 2020 through May 24, 2021, please note, there will be no services offered during Harford's summer session.


Students can also take a free Mental Health First Aid Course. Contact Laura Burke at or 443.412.2090 for more information.