Tuition & Fees

No one likes to think about cost, yet we know it's one of the major considerations when choosing a college.

Harford Community College works diligently to keep costs fair while providing students with the quality education, support services, and activities that define who we are.


Payment Schedule

If you register for an upcoming term more than one week before the due date for that term, an e-bill notification will be emailed to your OwlMail address explaining how to view and/or print your e-bill. It is your responsibility to monitor your Harford Community College OwlMail account. If payment is not received by the due date your registration will be canceled.

  • Summer tuition due date: May 16
  • Fall tuition due date: July 18

If you register for an upcoming term less than one week before the payment due date for that term, or if you register after the payment due date, you will not receive an e-bill. In this event, you can view your account and amount due through OwlNet, All About Me, My Bill-Payment Plan, My Bill, My Account. If you register subsequent to the due date, payment is due within ten days of the date you register or you registration will be canceled.

Non-attendance of classes does not constitute a refund or removal of the debt to the College.  Refund deadlines can be found in the academic calendar.

“If I don't pay for my classes by the posted due dates, will I be dropped from those classes?

Yes, if you register for classes and do not pay by the required deadlines, then your classes will be dropped. Regularly check your OwlNet and OwlMail accounts to keep up-to-date on your payment status.




Once the refund deadline has passes, tuition and fees are non-refundable. If you don't plan to attend classes, you must officially drop your classes within the stated refund period to avoid an outstanding financial obligation to the college.

Non-attendance does not constitute a refund or removal of the debt. Refund and withdrawal deadlines for the semester are available in the academic calendar. Please click here for a list of Payment FAQs. If you are eligible for a refund and paid by credit card, the College will attempt to refund the card. If unable to do so, or if you paid by cash, check or electronic check, your refund will be sent through BankMobile. Contact BankMobile to ensure you have selected a refund preference and allow up to 4 weeks for refund processing.