Nursing Program

The nursing program at Harford Community College is challenging, rewardingand selective.  

All students considering Nursing are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor early in the process. The advisor will assist in selecting a plan of study as well as making course selections. The Nursing Program is highly competitive and completion of the admission criteria may not result in admission to the Program. Courses must be completed and TEAS Test scores received by the application deadline for consideration for admission. 


Technical Standards for Nursing

The technical and professional standards for nursing are the non-academic skills including the physical, cognitive and behavioral standards required for satisfactory completion of the nursing program. These standards are not a requirement of admission into the program. However, individuals interested in applying for admission to the nursing program should review these standards to develop a better understanding of the skills, abilities and behavioral characteristics required to successfully complete the nursing program.

Nursing Application Process

New students must first complete a Harford Community College application and indicate Nursing (Prep) (NURP) as their program of study. Transcripts will not be evaluated if program of study is left blank. Currently enrolled Harford Community College students should NOT apply again.

The application may be completed and submitted online or via paper.


Students must complete an application to one of the nursing programs below (Regular Admissions/LPN to RN Admissions).  Application for Spring opens in July with a September 15th deadlineApplication for Summer/Fall opens in November with a February 15th deadline.  Applications must be submitted either in-person to:  Registration & Records located on the upper-level of the Student Center or via regular mail to:

Harford Community College
401 Thomas Run Road
Bel Air, MD  21015
Attention:  Registration & Records/Nursing Program.

(If submitting the application in-person, the non-refundable application fee must be paid first to the Cashiers Office located in the lower-level of the Student Center before submitting the application to Registration & Records).

Regular Admissions

Application for Spring will be available in July of the prior year.

Application for Summer/Fall will be available in mid-November of the prior year.

Nursing course progression for regular admissions includes four consecutive semesters in fall and spring semesters only. Summer attendance is not required. Classes are weekdays and clinicals are typically weekday days or evenings and possibly some weekends.

LPN to RN Admissions

Application for Spring will be available in July of the prior year.

Application for Summer/Fall will be available in mid-November of the prior year.

Licensed practical nurses (LPN) seeking to complete an associate degree and attain RN licensure must apply for the LPN to RN transition program.

Summer Accelerated Admissions

You may consider applying for this accelerated option if you have already completed a majority of pre-nursing courses and are able to be a full-time summer student. Nursing course progression for the accelerated option begins in May of one year and concludes in August of the following year. Summer attendance is required.

F-1 (International) Students who are NOT currently enrolled at Harford:

1 | Contact the International Admissions Specialist.

2 | Submit a paper (NOT online) Application for Enrollment and a paper (NOT online) International Student Application.

3| Provide valid I-20 and visa identification verifying current immigration status.

F-1 (International) Students who are currently enrolled at Harford:

1 | Follow general application procedures for applying to the Nursing Program.

NOTE: International students who plan to transfer credit from a college or university outside of the United States, must have your official, translated transcript evaluated by an accredited evaluation service. Harford Community College does not evaluate foreign transcripts. Please allow adequate time for the requesting, translation and evaluation of academic credentials. All transcripts and evaluations must be received by the nursing application deadline.

All nursing applicants must complete the TEAS Nursing Assesment and submit ATI TEAS scores.

ALL official college transcripts are required to be sent by the transfer school(s).  Coursework from a different College/University cannot be transferred in using another College/University's official transcript. Official transcripts for any coursework completed using AP, CLEP, IB, DANTES/DSST Exams or Military training are also required. In order to be considered for Harford's nursing program, all official transcripts must be received by the date indicated on the application.

NOTE: Transcripts are not required for courses taken at Harford Community College.

The nursing application and all official transcripts (if applicable) must be submitted to Registration & Records by the deadlines as listed on the application. TEAS scores must be submitted to the Test Center by the deadline. Nursing applications are reviewed after the deadline. Students will be notified from the Nursing Department with the decision approximately 6-8 weeks after the applicatin deadline.


NOV 15–FEB 15
Application window for Summer Accelerated and/or Fall Traditional Tracks

Application window for Spring Traditional Track.

Selection Criteria

Once the application requirements have been met, admission to the Nursing Program is based on the following criteria.

BIO 203: Anatomy & Physiology I + __________  THIS IS A REQUIRED COURSE FOR THE NURSING PROGRAM
Most recent grade; Harford courses take priority.  A=3  B=2  C=1

BIO 204: Anatomy & Physiology II + __________
Most recent grade; Harford courses take priority.  A=3  B=2  C=1

BIO 205: Microbiology + __________
Most recent grade; Harford courses take priority.  A=3  B=2  C=1

TEAS Test Score (Overall): __________
90.1 or greater =3   85.1–90=2   78.0–85=1    58.7–77.9=0   (less than 58.7 not eligible to apply)

Pre-Nursing GPA ++ ___________     
3.75–4.0=9    3.5–3.74=7    3.25–3.49=5    3.0–3.24=3    2.50–2.99=1

Nursing Program Credits completed at Harford  __________
16 or more=2    7–15=1

College Degree (Bachelor's or beyond) = 1  __________

TOTAL POINTS +++ (out of a maximum of 24)  __________

+ C or better is required for Nursing Program.   |   ++ See Nursing Pre-requisite Worksheet for Nursing GPA calculation.    |   +++ Students with equal point totals will be rank ordered by the above GPA from highest to lowest.     

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