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Frequently Asked Questions | Nursing

Thanks for your interest in Harford's nursing program.

We've compiled answers to some of our prospective students' most asked questions but if there's something you still need, reach out and we'll be happy to help.


How long does the Nursing program take to complete?

Once a student is admitted into the Nursing Program it takes four semesters to complete. For the traditional student, without interruption in progress, the program takes two years to complete. Courses are completed during the fall and spring semesters, without summer nursing coursework. For the accelerated student, without interruption in progression, the program takes 15 months to complete. Coursework is completed during the summer/fall/spring/summer semesters.

Are evening or weekend classes offered?

Classes for the traditional program and the accelerated day program are offered Monday through Friday with some evening and weekend clinical hours. 

What if I already have an LPN license? 

You may be eligible for advanced standing in the LPN-RN Program. Complete an application to the college and have your official transcripts sent to the college. Complete an LPN to RN application and submit by February 15 for admission to the fall class or by September 15 for admission to the spring class. Once you are notified that the transcripts have been received, make an appointment with an academic advisor to help you plan a course of study.

How many students are admitted per year/semester?

Forty-eight students are admitted in the fall and spring semesters. Thirty-two students are admitted in the summer accelerated program. Ten LPN to RN students are admitted in the fall and spring semesters.  

What is the acceptance rate for applicants in the program?

There are often as many as 250 applicants that meet the admission requirements each semester. Only 48 applicants can be accepted into the traditional program in each fall and spring semester. In the summer, an additional 32 students are accepted into the day accelerated program.

Rev. 02/07/2019

I have a Bachelor's degree. Will any of my courses transfer?

Apply to the College and have official transcripts sent to Records and Registration. Once you receive notice that your transcripts have arrived, make an appointment to see an academic advisor to identify which courses can be transferred toward your degree in nursing.

Should I repeat courses with grades less than As, in order to be accepted?

A 4.0 GPA is not necessary to be accepted in the Nursing Program; however, most students who are accepted into the program have above a 3.0 GPA. Sometimes repeating a course helps you gain the knowledge, skill and abilities necessary to be successful in the program. However, it is not advised to repeat courses unless it provides a beneficial learning experience or is critical to being selected in the program.

Is there a waiting list?

No. Students are rank ordered based on the selection criteria. Once classes begin, the rank order is no longer operational and the process is repeated with the next admission group.

I started a Nursing Program at another school. Can I transfer?

Transfers and advanced placement are permitted on an individual, limited basis depending on space. Often a transfer student loses some of the nursing credit for previous coursework since nursing curricula differ a great deal. Students who have failed a nursing course at another nursing program are not eligible for transfer with advance standing but may apply to the program as a new student.

I wasn't accepted into the nursing program. What's next?

Meet with an academic advisor to review the selection criteria and develop ways to strengthen your standing in the selection process.

What is the cost to complete this program?

To complete the entire program at Harford, including prerequisites, the cost is approximately $15–$16,000 at current tuition rates.

Following is a rough breakdown of expected costs. All figures are approximated and may be higher or lower based on your specific needs:

  • Tuition and Fees (in-county) $ 8,680
  • Consolidated fees $ 1,736
  • Course fees $ 1,449
  • Books $ 2,000
  • Uniforms and equipment $ 350
  • Graduation – NCLEX application, etc. $ 700
  • Physical, immunizations, etc. $ 400

TOTAL $ 15,315