Due to COVID-19 . . .

All students coming to campus are required to follow the health and safety protols determined by the College. Please review these procedures prior to coming to campus. In addition, the Test Center will provide hand sanitizer and wipes to sanitize your hands and your testing station before and after use. NOTE: Face masks must be worn on campus and in the Test Center at all times. Also, the waiting room outside the Test Center is CLOSED. Only test-takers will be allowed in the building.

Harford Students​

Contact Disability and Student Intervention Services to obtain accommodation memos. Discuss the accommodation memo with your instructor and coordinate with them the dates and exams you need to take.If you have been approved for reader, scribe, use of Kurzweil, or use of private testing room, email testcent@harford.edu for scheduling.

Students from Other Institutions

A letter from your home institution must be emailed to testcent@harford.edu. It must be on college letterhead and signed by a qualified representative from the Disability Services Office and indicate that you qualify to receive accommodations. It must also  list the accommodations needed.

Email testcent@harford.edu two weeks prior to your intended test date to confirm.

Students with No Home Institution

Secure current documentation of disability from a qualified professional.

Contact Disability and Student Intervention Services at 443-412-2402 to submit the current documentation and schedule an appointment for orientation.

Allow two weeks to process the request and obtain an accommodation memo then email testcent@harford.edu to schedule testing.

For more information contact Disability and Student Intervention Services.



Check in at the front desk.

Sign a Statement of Understanding indicating that you understand the penalty for academic dishonesty in the Center.

Review and confirm your understanding of the Test Center protocols. • Show your valid photo ID and verify your identity (may involve briefly removing your mask while socially distanced).


Cellphones, smart watches and other electronic devices

Electronics that have the capability to record and/or capture pictures

Food and drinks

Purses, keys, books, backpacks and all other personal belongings
Lockers will NOT be available.

Scrap papers will be supplied to you. Upon completion of your test, you will be asked to show the scrap papers (used or unused) and place them in a shredder before leaving the Test Center.

Restroom breaks are not allowed during testing unless you have an approved accommodations.

Be Your Own Advocate!

Know what test you are coming to take and make sure it is the one you receive.


Harford Community College provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.