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Harford Community College is run through a shared governance structure which includes a Board of Trustees, the College President and President's Cabinet, and a series of Collegial Governance councils representing faculty, students, and staff. 

Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion 
The College is committed to equity and inclusion, strives to educate students and inspire a passion for good citizenship and civic engagement and our Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, and Equity (DICE) committee is committed to advocating for and promoting these values on campus. Harford provides students with numerous opportunities to engage with the larger world and frequently hosts speakers and presentations highlighting diverse cultures and perspectives and encourages open conversation on challenging subjects. 


Office of the President

The president is responsible for the conduct and operation of the College and for the administration and supervision of all its areas of activity, the structure of all units and divisions, and the assignment of duties and responsibilities for all personnel.


President's Cabinet

The President's Cabinet is comprised of the College’s senior leaders. The President's Cabinet serves in an advisory capacity to the President and assists in the overall administration of Harford Community College. To that end, the Cabinet meets regularly and works collaboratively to provide primary leadership support for strategic priorities and initiatives. The Cabinet also functions to enhance College communications.


Collegial Governance 

The purpose of the Collegial Governance system is to provide structures and processes that allow employees and students to have input into the decisions that will affect them. 

The Collegial Governance structure at Harford Community College is characterized by open communication, trust, and collaboration, and decisions are made through the lens of the College's mission, vision, values, resources, and goals. 


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Harford Community College is comprised of nine trustees appointed by the Maryland governor, each for a five-year term.

Six members represent the Councilmanic Districts and three are appointed from the county at large. Members may serve up to two consecutive terms. The Board provides general oversight and establishes policies that govern the College, ensuring the institution fulfills its mission as outlined in Article 16 of the Annotated Code of Maryland.