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Foundation Leadership

Foundation Board of Directors 

The Foundation Board of Directors provides the fiduciary governance for the Foundation and secures community and individual support for the College. 

Foundation Board
Executive Committee

Chair: Eric McLauchlin
Vice Chair: Eric Rebbert 
Secretary/Treasurer: Trey Muller-Thym 
Past Chair: Vacant
Vice Chair of Finance: Frank Linkous                                                Member-at-Large: Jeffrey S. Murter                                                  Member-at-Large: Patrice Ricciardi                                                  College President: Theresa B. Felder, Ed.D.        


Did You Know?
In addition to volunteering and advocating
on behalf of the College,
100% of the Foundation Board contributes to the annual Harford Owl Fund campaign.

Foundation Board Members

Claudine Adams
Chuck Boyle, Emeritus
Anthony Comes
Pat Donovan, Emeritus                                                                          Dennis Golladay, Ph. D. 
Doretha Green
Andy Guckert
Ron Hill
Catherine Hryncewich
Tami Imbierowicz
Vicki Jones
Gilbert F. Kennedy, III
Marlene Lieb
Paul Majewski, II
Larry Marshall, Emeritus
Julie McQueen-Foster
David Milton
Jeffrey S. Murter

Michael Neumann
Sandra Osborn
Patricia Perluke
Eric Rebbert
Patrice Ricciardi
David Schwaber
Brian M. Simmons
David Stratmeyer
Lee Tayson
Terry Troy
Beverly A. Wehmer
James E. Welch, Emeritus
Deborah Smith Williams, Emeritus
Monica Worrell

Denise Dregier, Executive Director

Harford Foundation Board of Directors

CONSIDER DONATING. Without the Foundation Board of Directors' continual commitment to the Foundation, we would not be able to support the College and its students in such broad-reaching and impactful ways.