Health and Wellness

A healthy outside starts on the inside and Harford Community College is committed to helping you with both!

Supporting your mental, emotional and physical health and well-being is crucial to your academic success. Throughout the year we offer programming, events, and activities that cover a vast array of personal, relational and social topics as well as provide activities that allow you expand your own bank of resources.

We partner with local community organizations to provide comprehensive and monthly health awareness events, screenings, and testing.

Drop-In Wellness Activities

Mindful Mondays

Spend College Hour engaged in wellness focused activities such as painting, vision boards, poetry, meditation, and journaling; and in workshops on such topics as Wellness 101, civility, and healthy relationships.

Yoga on the Quad

Free outdoor yoga classes.

Games on the Quad

When the weather permits, the Office of Student Life provides outdoor games and activities for students and student groups.

Wellness Fair

Each fall students have the opportunity to meet with over 20 different local organizations, sample healthy food, and participate in yoga, sound healing, or meditation workshops.

Finals Week Massages

Understanding the importance of health and wellness during finals, we offer free massages for credit students, as well as stress relief activities and healthy snacks so that students can decompress before or after an exam.

Pet a Puppy

What's more relaxing than puppies? The chance to pet and cuddle puppies during finals week is the break that makes everyone smile and relax.

Relaxation Room

Relaxation and meditation have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while promoting a sense of wellbeing, calmness and centeredness. Our relaxation room offers a private space for meditation, quiet contemplation, lactation, and respite for individual students or small groups. The space is available MON–FRI, 9 AM–4 PM.