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Register for Harford Community College’s Camp Curiosity

26 January 2023

Registration for Camp Curiosity opens on Monday, January 23. Camps for children ages 6-17 will be held this summer on the Harford Community College campus.Registration is now open for Camp Curiosity, Harford Community College’s summer camps for children ages 6-17.

Imagination and creativity come alive at Camp Curiosity, where kids can advance their artistic skills or music abilities, learn about photography, get on stage or behind the mic for the College’s radio station, study forensic science or animals, and so much more! Full- and half-day programs are available.

Camp Curiosity will offer a variety of camps that will pique children’s inquisitiveness and enable them to have fun and learn at the same time. Harford is bringing back some of its favorite programs such as Minecraft and Bakeology, but also adding new ones including Animal Lovers, Block Carving, and Junior Chef Competition! Check out the 2023 Camp Curiosity catalog. Registration is open, so sign up today and get ready for a summer of fun!



Nancy Dysard

Director for Communications

Sheila Terry

Assistant Director for Public Relations