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Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Title Department Phone
Colleen Webster Professor of English English443.412.2280
Emily Weigman Event Coord & Gift Officer of Institutional Advancement Institutional Advancement443.412.2675
Kathy Weldon Sr. Financial Aid Spec. of Financial Aid Financial Aid443.412.2611
Jasmin Wells Executive Assistant of Student Success Student Success443.412.2236
Scott West Assistant Professor of English English443.412.2266
Kathy Whaley Executive Assistant of VP for Academic Affairs VP for Academic Affairs443.412.2201
Pamela Wheeler Administrative Assistant III of Arts & Humanities Arts & Humanities443.412.2436
Will Wheeler Computer Technician Manager of ITS - Academic Technology Service ITS - Academic Technology Service443.412.2021
Caitlin White Director for Student Life of Student Life Student Life443.412.2331
Erica Wienholt Administrative Assistant III of Library and Information Resources Library and Information Resources443.412.2619
Miriam Wiglesworth Professor of Business (incl. Real Estate) Business (incl. Real Estate)443.412.2426
Jennifer Wilcox Assistant Professor of Chemistry Chemistry443.412.2661
Duane Williams Director for Public Safety of Department of Public Safety Department of Public Safety443.412.2179
Sharoll Williams-Love Student Diversity Specialist of Retention Retention443.412.2224
Linda Wilson Administrative Assistant III of ITS - Institutional Technology Serv ITS - Institutional Technology Serv443.412.2071