Nursing Outcomes Data

Harford Community College is proud of our nursing students and faculty and celebrates the successes of our program.

Following is an overview of student achievement outcome data for the Harford Community College Associate of Sciences Degree in Nursing.

Graduates' Success on Licensure Exam

Graduate success on licensure exams is a significant benchmark for any nursing program. Graduates success is calculated by the Maryland Board of Nursing (MBON) by the number of graduates who are successful on passing the NCLEX-RN on their first attempt.

Harford Community College pass rate for NCLEXRN*

2020: 91.37%   |   2019: 91.87%   |   2018: 92.79%

Required minimum Maryland Board of Nursing (MBON) pass rate for NCLEX-RN

2020: 79.14%   |   2019: 79.52%   |   2018: 79.03%

State average for MBON pass rate for NCLEX-RN

2020: 87.78%   |   2019: 88.54%   |   2018: 87.70%

* Pass rates reported by Maryland Board of Nursing are calculated by the fiscal year (July 1-June 30) and combine partial results from two or more classes. Some takers from states outside of Maryland, may be absent from these results.

Students' Completion of the nursing Program

Program Completion is calculated at 150% stated program length (4 clinical semesters) for all students enrolled in initial nursing courses.

Program Entry Year and Completion Date

Summer 2016 Day Accelerated: 87.50%
Fall 2016: 70.83%
Spring 2017:  83.33%
Summer 2017 Day Accelerated:  84.44%
Fall 2017:  85.42%
Spring 2018:  93.75%
Summer 2018 Day Accelerated:  87.50%
Fall 2018:  83.10% to date