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Medical Cannabis Dispensary Business

Medical cannabis is quickly becoming big business in Maryland and beyond. If an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in alternative approaches to medicine have you looking for something new, this program may be it.

Operational since 2018, Maryland's medical cannabis business has experienced tremendous growth. With it, new opportunities are emerging for those seeking employment. Harford's Medical Cannabis Dispensary Business program provides interested students with knowledge of the supply chain, the role of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, and the entrepreneurial opportunities available in this fast-growing business. 

Program Overview

Medical Cannabis Dispensary Business Certificate





  • Medical Dispensary Associate Basics
  • Introduction to Medical Cannabis Entrepreneurship
  • Medical Cannabis Plant Growth
  • Maryland Medical Cannabis Regulations
  • Introduction to Medical Cannabis and the Human Body

What can I do when I complete this program?

This program prepares completers for entry-level positions in Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensaries.

Who teaches this program?

Shad Ewart has been a professor and administrator at Anne Arundel Community College since 2001. He is responsible for the design and development of the first course to explore the entrepreneurial opportunities created by the legalization of cannabis for medical use in Maryland.