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    Library Database Issues

    If you are experiencing access issues with our databases, please submit the form below.

    You can also try the following troubleshooting techniques:

    • Try clearing your browser data, then close and reopen your browser window. You may also try a different browser.
    • Check your internet/wifi connection. If you are on campus using a personal device, make sure you are connected to  "HCCWireless".
    • If you need immediate assistance, and the library is open, please report the problem via chat or phone.

    * Remote access to our electronic resources is restricted to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.  Community Borrowers who are physically on-campus, may access our databases.

    Where are you located?
    What issues are you encountering?
    Type the name of the library database.
    Include permalink url in record, do not copy and paste the url in browser.