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Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Psychology Conference

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    MAUPC is an undergraduate psychology conference providing  opportunities for undergraduate and associate level students to present research in front of faculty and peers in a non-intimidating, yet professional environment.

    The Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Psychology Conference (MAUPC) is open to all who are interested in the field of psychology. Attendees are able to attend conference workshops, gain knowledge beneficial to their own advancement, and observe  research being conducted by their peers. Presenters gain valuable experience in both preparation and research for the conference as well as from presenting. Whether you're an attendee or a presenter, you're sure to leave the conference having accumulated new ideas and a broader perspective of the psychology field.

    2024 MAUPC Conference:

    This year's conference was held FRI, APR 12, 2024. Post event recap will be provided to this page when available.
    Harford Community College, Edgewood Hall

    Harford Community College and

    Towson University Northeast
    Community College of Baltimore County


    Panel List

    Jim Kuterbach, Ph.D.
    Jim Kuterbach is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harford Community College, where he has taught for the last 4 years.  Jim worked as a counselor, a psychotherapist, and a School Psychologist for 28 years.  He has worked for both public and private agencies, doing mental health and substance abuse treatment, at such diverse organizations as psychiatric hospitals, public schools, community mental health, residential treatment services, and in private practice.  He has supervised foster care, community mental health, and substance abuse programs in Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, and was the Clinical Director for Lawrence T. Clayton and Counseling Associates, a mental health and substance abuse private practice that served Central and Western Pennsylvania.  His areas of specialization are Veteran and adolescent mental health and substance abuse, particularly post-traumatic stress in adolescents and Veterans.  Jim is a Certified School Psychologist; he received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the Pennsylvania State University, his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and his Doctorate in Educational Theory and Policy at the Pennsylvania State University.
    Josephine Lewis, Ph.D.
    Dr. Josephine Lewis is a Professor of Psychology at the Catonsville campus of the Community College of Baltimore County. For the past 15 years, she has worked with community college transfer students and Honors college transfer students as they prepare to finish studies at a 4-year institution.  Dr. Lewis has lectured for the past 10 years specifically to undergraduate Psychology majors to help them make the most out of their academic experience as they prepare to work with a Psychology degree or continue for additional schooling in the behavioral sciences.
    Chloe Callahan-Flintoft, Ph.D.
    Dr. Chloe Callahan-Flintoft is a Research Psychologist at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) where she studies the human visual attention system and how it interacts with augmented displays. Chloe received a B.A. in Mathematics and Psychology from Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. She then went on to get an M.S. in Statistics from Baruch College, City University of New York. During this time, she worked as a senior business intelligence analyst at Complex Media where she analyzed web traffic trends. In 2019 she completed her PhD in cognitive psychology at Pennsylvania State University (Advisor: Brad Wyble). Her research has primarily focused on the spatial and temporal constraints of reflexive visual attention using a combination of behavioral, EEG and computational modeling approaches. For the past 4 years she has used this expertise at ARL to inform the development of intelligent augmented displays that leverage cognitive mechanisms of human visual processing to improve effectiveness. Her work has been published in Nature Communications and Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.  

    Workshop Presenter List 

    Sean Driscoll, CPRS, MEIP and CSC Peer Support Trainer/Consultant 

    Workshop Title - Cultivating Connection: Understanding the Person Before the Diagnosis
    Sean Driscoll is a person in full long-term recovery of Bipolar Disorder with Psychosis who has dedicated his life to helping others at a young age. At the tender age of 16, Sean had 3 major hospitalizations at Sheppard Pratt after being diagnosed with Bipolar 1 with psychosis. From being a patient in a MD Early Intervention Program for people with psychosis and/or schizophrenia, to serving as a peer support specialist for 6 years, and is now training staff in the same program and four others across the state less than a decade after graduating the program as a patient, Sean has a story of courage and resilience accompanied by many full circle moments along the way. Beginning in January of 2023, after being impacted by the Aripiprazole Lawsuit for nine years, he discovered alternative methods to manage, control and turn off his mind when needed while harnessing the gift of feeling and learning balance to avoid mania and depression. He is 12 months+ medication free and created his own extensive self-care blueprint (including therapy and psychiatrist visits) to manage and control his mind and emotions absent of pharmaceutical medications. Along with his role at UMB, he works as a songwriter in the music business and is building his reputation as a public speaker and artist while serving his community in Baltimore. His story is a reminder that the road to recovery looks different for everyone, and of the importance in not putting limitations on the dreams and desires of patients we serve and people we encounter in life.

    Monika Conrad 

    Workshop Title – Creating Posters for Research Presentations
    Monika Conrad graduated from Harford Community College, has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Towson University, and an Experimental Psychology Graduate degree from Towson University.  She began teaching for Towson University at Towson University in Northeastern Maryland as an adjunct professor in 2015 and has been teaching full-time since the Fall of 2019.  Prior to her full-time role at TUNE, she was the memory care director and activity direction at the Lighthouse Senior Living in Middle River, MD. Monika has been active in organizing and participating in the Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Psychology Conference since its inception.  

    Submit an Abstract

    We encourage all undergraduate students to submit abstracts for presentation at MAUPC.

    Types of Presentations

    Oral Presentations: Students may submit abstracts for 10-minute oral presentation (with an electronic visual aid) that must follow the APA format. There will be two presentation styles: 

    • Research proposal– including rationale based on literature review, hypothesis, proposed methods of research, and references 
    • Completed research– including rationale based on literature review, hypothesis methods of research, completed research results, analysis, discussion, and references. 

    Project: Students may submit a proposal to present a project they have completed related to psychology. Proposals should briefly describe the project (non-research related learning). If selected, your project presentation must be 10 minutes with visual aids. 

    Posters: The number of posters will be limited to 15. If your poster is accepted, you are expected to have your poster on display for the entire day and be available to present/discuss the poster 11:30–11:50 AM. 

     Submission Criteria 

    The maximum word count for abstracts, both poster and presentation, is 300; abstracts that exceed this limit will not be considered. 

    If your abstract is selected and you confirm the selection, you are expected to register for the conference and present your project(s) in person. In the event that you cannot attend the conference, you are required to arrange for a substitute presenter (this could be one of your peers or your professor).

    MAUPC Conference Spring 2023

    The fourth annual Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Psychology Conference (MAUPC) conference was held on April 21, 2023 at Harford Community College. MAUPC is an undergraduate psychology conference providing opportunities for undergraduate and associate level students to present research in front of faculty and peers in a non-intimidating, yet professional environment. Harford welcomed undergraduate psychology presenters from Harford Community College, Cecil College, Goucher College, York College of Pennsylvania, and St. Mary's College.