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Kelly Roman – Student Success Story

19 March 2024

The art of opening doors is not a class here at Harford, but it could’ve been for Kelly Roman. Kelly turned to Harford and started here as an Art + Design student right after high school to map out her creative path and open doors to her future career. “When I first graduated from high school, I wasn't ready to go to a four-year college. I also wanted to save money on classes while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my art as a career.” Surprised by the amount of resources, opportunities, and helpful faculty, Kelly embarked on a transformative journey at Harford Community College.

While at Harford, Kelly discovered the types of classes she really enjoyed. She became inspired in her art classes and acquired new creative skills. Kelly's time at Harford was marked by impactful experiences with supportive and open-minded art professors. She fondly remembers the surprising discovery of 3D printers, showcasing the impressive resources available.

Kelly quickly realized Harford was great way to save money and earn credits before making the leap to a four-year school. And leap she did, transferring to the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2015, where she pursued a major in Illustration and earned her BFA in 2018. Now Kelly is a successful, self-employed, freelance artist who says she still utilizes skills she learned at Harford.

One remarkable aspect of Kelly's journey post-HCC is her foray into the world of freelance artistry, landing opportunities to design official posters and merchandise for renowned music acts like Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure. Her reputation and talent has also caught the eye of other well-known bands and she plans to announce her latest collaborations soon. “I'm really excited about my future projects.”

Kelly attributes these opportunities to her strategic use of social media, particularly Instagram, where she has showcased her portfolio since 2013.

Reflecting on her unique experiences, Kelly offers advice to current students and encourages them to embrace experimentation. “Don't be afraid to experiment and explore different classes even if they don't fit in with what you're majoring in.”

Her success story demonstrates the doors that can open through a combination of passion, skill development, and utilizing available resources at Harford Community College.

Kelly Roman

Kelly Roman – Student Success Story

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