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Harford County Electrical Contractors Association Electrical Apprenticeship Program Hosts 43rd Annual Graduation

22 May 2024

The Harford County Electrical Apprenticeship (HCECA) Program’s 43rd annual graduation took place on Friday, May 17, 2024, at the Amoss Center at Harford Technical High School. The graduation ceremony celebrated 64 graduates.

Rod Bourn, Owner of Down Set Lead, was the master of ceremonies and opening remarks were made by JeanMarie Makres, Executive Director of the program, and Ronald Blaney, HCECA Board President. The event also included remarks from Dr. Diane Ryan, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Harford Community College, who spoke of the perseverance demonstrated by these students who work full time and attend school twice a week in the evenings, requiring great dedication and sacrifice. She also acknowledged the importance of the graduates’ support of their families, friends, and employers. Christopher MacLarion, Director, Apprenticeship and Training, Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning, Maryland Department of Labor, and Jeffrey Smith, Workforce Liaison, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, also spoke, reinforcing the importance of and need for people in the trades and the value of apprenticeships in today’s workforce. The keynote speaker of the evening was Robert Ward, Founder/President of Pendant Automation, Inc. Being a graduate of the HCECA Class of 2006 and a 1st year instructor at HCECA from 2006-2015, Mr. Ward’s personal experience, growth and current success makes him an example of the power of a career in the electrical trades.

The apprenticeship school, which is housed at Harford Community College’s Edgewood Hall, typically graduates approximately 70 to 80 students each year. Since 1982, 2,140 apprentices have graduated from this program. They anticipate over 125 new enrollments for the fall of 2024.

The Harford County Electrical Contractors Association was formed as an official group in 1941. In 1978, the organization was restructured and over the next few years it became one of the largest electrical apprenticeship programs in the state of Maryland. The Contractors Association organized their members, worked with local and state agencies, hired educational consultants, and formed a long-term academic partnership with Harford Community College, thus ensuring the stability and growth of the trade. With this partnership all graduates, upon completion of their apprenticeship with HCECA, are eligible to receive up to 21 college credits toward an A.A.S. degree in Technical/Professional Studies or up to 19 credit hours toward an A.A. degree in General Studies.

The apprenticeship program includes four years of classroom instruction in accordance with state and federal regulations. Classes begin in September and run through April each year, which meets the required 144 hours of related classroom instruction per year. Students are thoroughly trained in residential, commercial and industrial wiring, and the National Electrical Code for a total of 576 classroom hours over the four years. In addition, apprentices must acquire 8,000 hours of on-the-job training with one of the Association’s member electrical contractors. Upon completion, each student is issued a State of Maryland Certificate of Completion, identifying the student as a qualified journeyperson electrician.

The 64 HCECA graduates of 2024 are Bryan M. Allder; Jordan D. Allen; Donte T. Anderson; Zachary M. Arosemena; Victor Y. Arzola-Sanchez; Nicholas D. Baker; Jordan L. Berry; Travis B.J. Brooks; Nathaniel T. Brown; Joshua T. Buerklin; Michael D. Campbell; Dillon R. Crites; Joseph H. Cullingford; Lucas A. Davis; Cameron B. DeJohn; Daniel S. Ditch; Christopher J. Eller; John W. Gray; Donzell E. Hammock, Jr; Thomas M. Harden; Kyle J. Heinz; Dylan A. Hoffman; Jack E. Hyman; Timothy A. Janney; Justin R. Jeffers; Travis S. Johnson; Thomas H. Johnston, Jr.; Samuel P. Jones; Matthew D. Kiel; Christopher W. Leizear; Robert J. Lockard; James M. May, III; Blake E. McCoin; James C. McCoin; Mark B.   McMannis, Jr.; Terry W. Mitchell; Paul D. Moon; Jeffrey J. Parr; Jacob T. Pezzella; Ryan A. Pierce; Christopher D. Rayman; Nathaniel M. Read; Jonathan J. Ross; Shane M. Ross; Alexander L. Ruby; Edward G. Scheuerman; Geordann H. Schilling; Keith R. Schmidt Jr.; Jackson J. Seling; Christopher C. Sheppard; Tyler M. Smoot; Elijah A. Sondhi; Thomas Z. Soule; Virl R. Stemple, III; Justin H. Strawderman; Timothy T. Streb; Joseph M. Tempert; Adam M. Thomas; Joseph R. Vervier; Kyle J. Walczak; Matthew Walizer; David M. Walter; Raymond E. Woods, III; and Ryan J. Zwirlein.

The six graduates with the highest GPA were recognized for their academic achievement (from 1st through 6th place by GPA): Timothy T. Streb (99.22), Robert J. Lockard (98.44), Bryan M. Allder (98.06), Kyle J. Walczak (97.51), Joseph M. Tempert (97.50), and Mark B. McMannis, Jr. (97.41). Also recognized for perfect attendance all four years were Robert J. Lockard, Jeffrey J. Parr, Ryan A. Pierce, and Timothy T. Streb. The Outstanding Student Award, sponsored by the Electrical Contractors Association of Baltimore County and awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding dedication, enthusiasm and engagement, was also presented to the following 4th year apprentices: Zachary M. Arosemena, Christopher C. Sheppard, and Travis S. Johnson.

For more information on the Harford County Electrical Contractors Apprenticeship Program, please visit, email or call 443-412-2800.


The Harford County Electrical Apprenticeship (HCECA) Program’s 43rd annual graduation recently took place at the Amoss Center at Harford Technical High School.The Harford County Electrical Apprenticeship (HCECA) Program’s 43rd annual graduation recently took place at the Amoss Center at Harford Technical High School.

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