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Harford Leadership Academy Holds Annual Graduation

28 November 2023

The 2023 Harford Leadership Academy (HLA) annual graduation banquet was held on November 2 at the Richlin Ballroom in Edgewood.

The HLA, a Community Leadership Development Program co-sponsored by Harford Community College and the Harford County Chamber of Commerce, promotes the development of existing and emerging leaders and creates a committed, involved, and diverse network of leaders in Harford County. Over 1,000 individuals have completed this outstanding program, representing the areas of business and industry, education, government and civic organizations.

Dr. Theresa B. Felder, Harford Community College President, and Angela Rose, President of the Harford County Chamber of Commerce, addressed the 33 HLA graduates, commending them on their accomplishment and their dedication to leadership in the community.

April Cheatham, Director of Community and Business Relations, Extreme Family Outreach, received the HLA Alumni Association's Outstanding Past Graduate award for her exceptional community service and involvement within the past year. April’s greatest accomplishment from the past year is that she became a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Advocate. She was invited to a Philanos Women's Conference in Baltimore, where she actively promoted diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. This opportunity allowed her to create an inclusive and empowering environment within our community, fostering understanding and acceptance among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Members of the HLA Class of 2023 include David Burke, Heather Cantos, Anthony Comes, Julie Corteggiano, Tom Cusick, Crystal DeJesus, Deborah DiEdoard, Benjamin Elliott, Rachael Ermatinger, Yvonne Golczewski, Jennifer Greenleaf, Stacey Guerin, Alison Imhoff, Jennifer Jones, Keith Kimmel, Tracy Miller, Eric (EJ) Millisor, Carmen Mirabil, Travis Moore, Jennifer Nowakowski, Shannon O’Hare, Jennifer Palinkas, Kelley Pugh, Katie Ridgway, Robert Royster, Nicole Shackelford, Angela Sittler, Casey Snyder, Brittany Stein, Chris Tabone, Michele Young, Audrey Vohs, and Kelly Zajicek.

The mission and purpose of the Harford Leadership Academy is to help prepare individuals to assume positions of leadership with nonprofit, social, and citizen organizations within the community.  HLA provides the opportunity for participants to learn together, exchange ideas, and network with others from our community.

Applications for next year's class are being accepted through January 5, 2024. For more information, visit the website at

HLA 2023 Graduates

Pictured: HLA graduates include (L to R, first row on floor): Keith Kimmel, Heather Cantos, Travis Moore, Angela Rose (President of the Harford County Chamber of  Commerce), Anthony Comes, Dr. Theresa Felder (Harford Community College President), Casey Snyder, Alison Imhoff, Tracy Miller, Stacey Guerin, Michele Young, Benjamin Elliott, Rachael Ermatinger, Crystal DeJesus, Julie orteggiano, Angela Sittler, Eric (EJ) Millisor, Chris Tabone, Deborah DiEdoardo, Jennifer Greenleaf.   
(L to R, second row on stage): Tom Cusick, Brittany Stein, Kelly Zajicek, Kelley Pugh, Jennifer Nowakowski, Robert Royster. Graduates not pictured: David Burke, Yvonne Golczewski, Jennifer Jones, Carmen Mirabile, Shannon O’Hare, Jennifer Palinkas, Katie Ridgway, Nicole Shackelford, Audrey Vohs  



Nancy Dysard

Director for Communications

Sheila Terry

Assistant Director for Public Relations