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Phoenix Festival Theater Holds Auditions for Disney’s Tarzan

10 February 2022

Phoenix Festival Theater is holding auditions for Disney’s Tarzan on Tuesday, February 22 from 6 to 9 PM and Saturday, February 26 from 10 AM to 1 PM in the Chesapeake Center Dining Room at Harford Community College.

Auditions are open to the public; all roles are open. For auditions, please prepare 32 bars of a song from the show. If you are singing something that is not from the show, please bring an instrumental track with you. Be prepared to learn four 8-counts of dance if the role you are auditioning for requires it. Actors may be asked to read a portion of the script. Rehearsals will begin the week of March 7. Please bring a list of all potential conflicts for the entire rehearsal period. You are encouraged to provide a resume of your onstage experience. Auditions are first-come first-served each day and sign up begins 15 minutes prior to the start time. This show also provides an opportunity to audition for the “singing only ensemble” or the “dance only ensemble.” Please note: Flying effects will be a part of this production. Face masks are required.

Bambi Johnson is the director/choreographer of the musical, which will be performed June 17-19. The musical director is Nathan Scavilla. Becky Flickinger is the stage manager.

Please contact Suze Thompson,, with any questions.

A character breakdown follows:

Clayton: A brutish, greedy hunter and guide. Leads Jane and Porter's expedition. Adult male, speaking role

Father: Strong, determined man who braves the unknown to provide for his wife and infant son after a shipwreck leaves them stranded in an unfamiliar jungle. Male, 25+ years old. Range: B2 – Bb4

Jane: An adventurous young English botanist who falls in love with Tarzan. Female, 20+ years old. Range: F#3 – F5. Be prepared to sing “Waiting for This Moment.”

Kala: A gentle mother ape, Kerchak's mate and Tarzan's protector. Adult female. Range: E3 – Eb. Be prepared to sing “You’ll Be in My Heart.”

Kerchak: The gruff leader of the gorillas and Kala's mate. Adult male. Range: Ab2 – Gb4. Be prepared to sing “No Other Way.”

Mother: Protects her infant son, braving the shipwreck, storm and jungle to keep him alive. Female, 25+ years old. Range: F#3 – F5

Porter: A bumbling English professor of biology. Jane's father. Male, 45+ years old. Range: B2 – C4

Sabor, the Leopard: A fierce carnivore that threatens both gorillas and humans. Male or female, 20+ years old. Strong dance role

Snipes: Expedition crewman, Clayton's second-in-command. Male, 25+ years old. Speaking role

Tarzan: A vulnerable, fearless young man raised by apes. Terk's best friend who falls in love with Jane. Our story's protagonist. Male, 20+ years old. Range: B2 – Bb4. Be prepared to sing “Son of Man” (high part).

Terk: A sarcastic ape and Tarzan's best friend. Male, 20+ years old. Range: Eb3 – B4. Be prepared to sing “Who Better Than Me” (ending with high part).

Young Tarzan: An innocent young boy who loses his parents and is raised by the apes. Male, 8-12 years old. Range: C3 – E4. Be prepared to sing “I Need to Know.”

Young Terk: A sarcastic adolescent ape. Tarzan's best friend. Male, 8-12 years old. Range: G3 – B4. Be prepared to sing “Who Better Than Me.”


Apes, Expedition Crew, Jungle Animals, Flora, Fauna, Birds & Bugs:  All genders and races are welcome to audition. A variety of character types of all shapes and sizes are needed to play ensemble and featured ensemble roles. Singing is not required for all Ensemble roles, but those who do must have excellent pop/rock or contemporary musical theatre voices. Likewise, dancing is not required for all Ensemble roles, but those who do must possess strong dance skills. Tumblers and roller bladers are also needed. Some ensemble roles will understudy principal roles.

Harford Community College is committed to promoting the full participation of all individuals with disabilities at the auditions. For disability-related accommodations, contact 443.412.2402.