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FSG Completes Indoor Air Quality Improvement Project at Harford Community College

20 October 2021

Bel Air, MD: Facility Solutions Group (FSG) announced today the completion of a project at Harford Community College (Harford) in Bel Air, MD. The project involved the installation of indoor air quality (IAQ) improvement measures backed up by real-time monitoring throughout campus facilities. In addition, FSG provided the school with several ultraviolet light sanitation carts for spot disinfection.

The majority of the project was completed during the summertime to ensure minimum interference with students and faculty, and so the system would be operational in time for the fall semester. FSG worked with campus operations and maintenance personnel to install Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) units in HVAC handlers and classrooms, as well as ion sensors to monitor the air inside of campus buildings.

NPBI is a technology that uses an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of positive and negative ions. The ions help to agglomerate fine sub-micron particles, making them filterable. The ions kill pathogens by robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen particles.

The sensors work on LoRaWAN, a long-range wide-area network, that works independently from the campus WiFi network. The LoRaWAN network allows sensor data from multiple locations around campus to be collected and displayed on a phone, desktop, or device dashboard in real time. With this network of disinfection devices, sensors, and monitors fully functional, campus personnel can ensure superior air quality in every campus building.

Completion of this project allows the school to provide cleaner air inside campus buildings and verify that the measures are improving IAQ as promised. The full viral load reduction brought on by the UV carts and NPBI demonstrates Harford Community College’s commitment to providing a safe, clean environment for students, visitors, and staff. To learn more about facility disinfection technology visit FSG’s website or call (877) 373-1443.

About Facility Solutions Group Inc.: Facility Solutions Group is one of the nation’s largest single-source providers of lighting and electrical products, electrical services, electrical construction, and energy management solutions. With a successful 39-year history of serving customers, FSG develops, designs, markets, sells, and supports all types of lighting, electrical, control, and energy-saving products and services.

About Harford Community College: Harford Community College is a vibrant, open-access institution offering 90+ affordable degree and certificate programs to approximately 8,100 full and part-time credit students, as well as noncredit workforce development and community education courses to more than 9,200 students a year.