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Harford Community College Holds First Annual Scholars Summit

09 June 2021

Harford Community College held its First Annual Scholars Summit, which was sponsored by the College’s Honors Program, on May 25, 2021.

This conference was designed to acquaint undergraduate students at Harford with the process and academic rigors of presenting projects in a professional setting. Students were given the opportunity to present undergraduate research, creative activities and service-learning projects that had been conducted under the supervision of a faculty member or other professional in the field. Harford Professor Chris Jones, Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics Division and Coordinator of the Honors Program, was the keynote speaker.

Harford student Jacob Cockerham was awarded first place for “Anthropoquantitivism: A Critique of the Deficient Mode of Anthropocentrism in Western Technological Society.” The second-place award went to George Strawbridge for “Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematism and Its Three-Stage Evolution.” Lindsey Donovan was awarded third place for “Child Poverty: Causes, Effects, and Prevention.” Winners received a $100 award.

Other student presenters included Ryan Perry, “Progressive Income Taxation in the United States;” Olivia Borkowski-Johnson, “The Impact of Animal-Assisted Therapy: Veterans Who Have Experienced PTSD Symptoms;” and Isabella Mascelli, “The History of the Science Behind Memory.” Presenters received a $50 award.

Faculty and administrators who participated in the summit included Dr. Timothy Sherwood, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Tony Wohlers, Dean for Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS); and Professor Anne Shugars, CFA, BSS.

The Honors Program at Harford is designed for students who are interested in pursuing intellectual challenges and opportunities above and beyond their program of study. Students must satisfy admissions criteria and maintain continuous Honors Program eligibility to participate in the program.


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