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Wayne Hepler

Professor Mass Communications


Wayne is a veteran media writer and producer who serviced advertising accounts in Philadelphia, Long Island, and Pittsburgh, and anchored Ohio TV news & sports and radio sports talk in West Virginia. He co-produced a documentary on Europe’s radio pirates and co-hosted local cable sports & a weekly radio interview show. He loves teaching, tries to make it fun, and believes mass comm is just the start of life skills you should take from his class.


  • Bachelor’s, Radio-TV: Ohio University
  • MA, Telecommunications: Ohio University
  • Ph.D., Witty Wit: M.I.Teehee

Research Interests

  • Media History
  • Media Impact
  • International Media  


  • Taking Back the Airwaves: The Story of the Radio Pirates—2015 documentary film Radio Netherlands international conference, Silver Spring Film Festival, Town of Bel Air Film Festival
  • Radio interview:
    • Whose Line Is It Anyway—Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood
    • Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me—Paula Poundstone

Courses Taught

  • Honors History of Film MC206
  • Writing for Electronic Media MC201
  • Electronic Media Performance MC104
  • Audio Production MC102
  • Introduction to Electronic Media MC101
  • Field Project Internship MC283
  • Independent Study MC293


  • Mass Communications program in Arts & Humanities division