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Stephen Russell Seidel, Ph.D.

Stephen Seidel

Professor Chemistry


Professor Seidel has taught at various institutions over the course of his career, including Dowling College, Berry College, the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha, and Harford. Along the way, he has held a number of positions, including the Department Coordinator of the Physical Sciences at HCC. With multiple publications and presentations, he enjoys not only teaching students in the classroom but also involving them in independent research--goals that Harford, with its supportive environment, allows him to achieve.


Professor Seidel graduated from Washington College with a BS (Chemistry) and went on to earn his PhD (Chemistry) under Peter Stang at the University of Utah. 

Degrees awarded:  
    • BS, Washington College
    • PhD, University of Utah

Research Interests

  • Conducting original research with undergraduates
  • Self-Assembly of transition metal-mediated rings, cages, and polymers
  • Multi-Zonal Crystalline Systems
  • Chemical Education


Selected Publications: 

Seidel, S. R.; Stang, P. J. “High-Symmetry Coordination Cages via Self-Assembly”; Accounts of Chemical Research 2002, 35, 972-983.

Seidel, S. R.; Zaiksowki, L. “Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly”. In Chemical Evolution II:  From Origins of Life to Modern Society; Oxford; 2009; 249-268. 

Zaikowski, L.; Friedrich, J. M.; Seidel, S. R. (Eds.) Chemical Evolution II: From Origins of Life to Modern Society; Oxford; 2009.   

Kuehl, C. J.; Kryschenko, Y. K.; Radhakrishnan, U.; Seidel, S. R.; Huang, S. D.; Stang, P. J. “Self-Assembly of Nanoscopic Coordination Cages of D3h Symmetry”; Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 2002, 99, 4932-4936.

Courses Taught

  • General Chemistry I, CHEM 111
  • General Chemistry II, CHEM 112
  • Preparatory Chemistry, CHEM 010


  • Chemistry