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Regina Roof-Ray

Regina Roof-Ray

Professor Psychology


Regina has taught at HCC for over 20 years, focusing on integrating a variety of engagement strategies and innovative technology in order to help students succeed in class. She enjoys teaching at Harford as she can interact with a variety of students with different abilities and interests. In addition to psychological concepts and issues, she focuses on the science of learning and assessment to promote student learning.


  • BA in Behavioral Science, Messiah University
  • MEd in Counseling, Millersville University
  • Higher Education Assessment
  • Student Engagement
  • Learning Strategies

Research Interests

  • Higher Education Assessment
  • Student Engagement
  • Learning Strategies


Donahue, J. and Roof-Ray, R. (2020). Interdisciplinary off-campus experiences. Innovation Abstracts, XLII(7).

Roof-Ray, R. (2019). Supplemental instruction: A closer look at the data. Intersection Journal (Spring).

Roof-Ray, R. (2018). Increasing research knowledge through a simple research activity. Innovation Abstracts, XL(40).

Roof-Ray, R. (2018). Let me take a selfie. Innovation Abstracts, XL(24).

Roof-Ray, R. (2018). Low-stakes exams: Example of strategy assessment. Innovation Abstracts, XL(12).

Courses Taught

  • PSY 101 General Psychology
  • PSY 204 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 209 Social Psychology
  • PSY 213 Human Relations
  • PSY 214 Human Growth and Development


  • Psychology