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Paul Burkins

Paul Burkins

Associate Professor Mathematics


I was a student at Harford Community College (HCC) that continued to work there as a tutor, then an adjunct, and eventually a full time faculty member. My discipline is Physics with a focus in optics, however, I am a member of the Math Faculty at HCC. I currently teach math courses ranging from non-credit math up through differential equations, with a focus on Calculus and above.


  • AA, Harford Community College
  • BA, Towson University
  • MA, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • PhD, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Research Interests

  • Nonlinear optics- metamaterials, nonlinear refraction and absorption, and other nonlinear optical processes.
  • Biomedical Optics-Virus inactivation, cancer detection, glucose mid-infrared detectors


Burkins, R. Kuis, I. Basaldua, A. M. Johnson, S. R. Swaminathan, D. Zhang, and S. Trivedi, “Thermally managed Z-scan methods investigation of the size-dependent nonlinearity of graphene oxide in various solvents,” J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 33, 2395-2401 (2016)

Kingsley, R. Kuis, R. Perez, I. Basaldua, P. Burkins, A. Marcano, and A. M. Johnson, Oxygen-dependent laser inactivation of murine norovirus using visible light lasers. Virology Journal 15, 117 (2018).

Courses Taught

  • Math 025 STEM Track II
  • Math 026 STEM Track III
  • Math 027 STAT Track Mathematics
  • Math 203 Calculus 1
  • Math 204 Calculus 2
  • Math 208 Elementary Differential Equations
  • Math 210 Discrete Structures
  • Math 212 Calculus w/Applications


  • Mathematics