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Deborah Dorsey

Deborah Dorsey

Associate Professor Health & Physical Education--Credit


Deborah Dorsey began at the College in 2006. Her pre-HCC professional experiences include research in obesity, nutrition, and exercise at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, clinical treatment for obesity at Johns Hopkins, and Federal workplace health promotion.Deborah is a Higher Ed QM Peer Reviewer and Maryland Distance Learning Association Board member. She enthusiastically supports the use of mobile technology in education and has earned recognitions for her commitment to digital accessibility.


  • AA, Anne Arundel Community College
  • BS, Towson University
  • MS, Louisiana State University


Ezell (née, Dorsey), D. M., Geiselman, P. J., Anderson, A. M., Dowdy, M. L., Womble, L. G., Greenway, F. L., & Zachwieja, J. J. (1999). Substrate oxidation and availability during acute exercise in non‐obese, obese, and post‐obese sedentary females. International journal of obesity, 23(10), 1047-1056.

Zachwieja, J. J., Dorsey (née, Dorsey), D. M., Cline, A. D., Ricketts, J. C., Vicknair, P. C., Schorle, S. M., & Ryan, D. H. (2001). Short-term dietary energy restriction reduces lean body mass but not performance in physically active men and women. International journal of sports medicine, 22(04), 310-316.

Ezell (née, Dorsey), D.M. (2001). Exercise and Metabolism. In L. Cheskin (Ed.), 3 Steps to Weight Loss: 150 Satisfying Recipes. New York, NY: Meredith

Courses Taught

  • EXSC 101 Introduction to Exercise Science
  • HLTH 101 Contemporary Health Issues
  • HLTH 105 Introduction to Holistic Health
  • HLTH 106 Nutrition for Personal Wellness
  • HLTH 107 Stress Management
  • HLTH 108 Introduction to Public Health
  • HLTH 201 Human Sexuality
  • HLTH 202 Health Behavior
  • PE 130 Hiking
  • PE 136 Cardiovascular Fitness
  • PE 138 Jogging
  • PE 230 Fitness Walking


  • Community Health Promotion (AA)
  • Exercise Science (AS)