Academic Support 

Harford Community College takes great pride in both the variety and quality of support we provide for our students through The Learning Center, advising, and academic coaching.

Offering students a variety of academic supports is at the top of our priority list. As you research colleges, take a look at what Harford students have available to them throughout their academic journey. iPrep Week, provides support to students in transitional courses before they ever arrive on campus, while Career Services, continues to provide services to students and alumni long after they leave campus. In between, The Learning Center offers one-on-one and group assistance with course content, learning strategies and study skills, and Academic Advisors guide students in course selection and career choices throughout their time at Harford. All of these support teams provide students with valuable resources and work together to ensure that when you graduate, you will have accomplished what they set out to do—and were successful doing it. 


iPrep Week is a week-long academic review program for those students who have not yet tested as 'college-ready.' It takes place prior to arriving on campus. During iPrep Week, students will have a chance to “warm-up” for the semester to come! Students will receive instructional sessions led by math, reading, and English faculty so at the end of the week, they will be able to re-take the Accuplacer® for the opportunity to test into higher level courses for fall. Students also learn about the various support services on campus and how to access them.

Jeanne Goss | 443.412.2306

To date, over 480 students have completed academic coaching through the My College Success Network. Academic coaching is a one-on-one service that focuses on developing academic success strategies while increasing motivation and persistence. Data indicates that students who complete academic coaching earn higher grades and are retained at higher rates than those who do not participate in the program. While the MCSN was created to address achievement gaps in graduation and retention between students of color and Caucasian students, all students, regardless of ethnicity, are welcome to participate. Programs initiated through My College Success Network include:

iPrep Week
Academic Coaching
Student Success Advising

Dr. Tolu Idowu, Director for Student Achievement | 443.412.2405

Academic advisors meet with students prior to registering in what we refer to as a MAP session. MAP stands for My Academic Plan. Advisors are assigned to students based on their major and follow them through their entire academic journey. They are one of the most valuable resources on campus. Student meet with them each semester to ensure they are on track with their plan. They also provide advice on choosing classes, conquering obstacles, and becoming the best version of yourself during your time at Harford. Their doors are always open. 

Students may book an appointment or access Live Chat by logging into their OwlNet account.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center

Confidence. Self-Esteem. Success.

Library, Room 115  |  443.412.2588  |

The Learning Center assists students with course content by promoting learning strategies and study skills to help students become lifelong learners.


Walk-In Sessions – Students can work in-person with learning assistants. No appointment needed. 

Remote Sessions – Students can book appointments to work with learning assistants via Microsoft Teams video calls. 

Weekly Individual Sessions – Students can meet with a Student Success Specialist to complete a semester success plan and if eligible, schedule weekly sessions for the semester.  

Online Learning Assistance – Students can log into Net Tutor (a 3rd party online tutoring platform) for learning assistance outside of Learning Center hours.

Students can click the Student Support tab in OwlNet to view schedules for walk-in sessions, book remote sessions, and connect with other Learning Center services.

College Central Network is available to students anywhere they have Internet access. Students may request assistance with job search, questions regarding co-operative education/internships, and resumé review.

Anna Berglowe-Lynch or Karla Wynn at 443.412.2301.

College Central Network

Career Navigators are embedded in specific programs to help students  build credentials and often transitioning between certificate, certification, and degree programs and to internships or the workforce. The College currently has navigators for cyber, nursing, and construction/trades programs. 


Learn more about My College Success Network.

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