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The Chesapeake Gallery is elated to host its first in-person exhibition since pre-pandemic! We welcome two talented artists, Margi Weir and Raluca Iancu, to participate in a fantastic exhibition titled, “Converging Patterns.” This show will highlight a variety of mixed media artworks that are made from digital images, cut paper, vinyl, acrylic, resin and more. These two artists have different messages behind their works, yet they both focus visually on color, patterns, and repetition. Be sure to visit the Chesapeake Gallery in-person, or online at, to learn more and experience this exceptional exhibition for yourself!

Thank you,
Brad Blair, Chesapeake Gallery Coordinator


Margi Weir & Raluca Iancu

“Converging Patterns”

Artists: Margi Weir & Raluca Iancu
Student Center Building, Chesapeake Gallery (2nd Floor)
Dates: September 14 - October 31, 2021

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