Degree Works FAQs

What is Degreeworks?

Is an on-line audit application. Degree Works provides a listing of all course work taken along with required courses necessary to complete the declared major.

How do I log in?

Type your username and password, and press enter. You should be taken automatically to the audit worksheet.


The format drop down should contain three options: Student View, Graduation Checklist and Registration Checklist. The Student View is the default selection, this is what pulls up the audit. Hit the 'View' button to see the other two options.

Save as PDF?

This allows you to save a pdf version of the Student View, Graduation and Registration Checklist.

Unofficial Class History?

This provides in ascending order a history of all course work taken.


The worksheet is the audit. It is composed of several components. The top portion of the audit contains the Student View, Legend and a Note. The middle section will contain Blocks. The bottom contains Legend, Note, and Disclaimer.

Student View?

The student view contains name, ID, class, Overall GPA, Major and other essential information. Hold information is also displayed.


Last name, first name and middle initial


The HID that has been assigned at Harford Community College.


The current college level at Harford such as Freshman or Sophomore.


Assigned advisor

Overall GPA

This includes courses within the Degree and Unused Credits/Courses.


This will contain Harford Community College


The current student type such as Credit Undergraduate


Current declared degree such as  AS, AA, AAT or AAS


The current declared major such as Biology, Business Administration


Any holds on the account such Library Fine, Financial Hold, Academic Warning Hold etc.


All sports memberships

Academic Standing

Dean's List, Academic Suspension, Good Standing etc.

Student Attribute

Will contain values such as Practical Nursing Applicant, Federal Loan Borrower etc

Credits Earned

The total credits from all blocks including In-progress with the exception of Insufficient and Not Counted.

Block the student audit is broken out into blocks. Most of the majors will be comprised of five blocks: degree, major, general education requirements, physical education and diversity.

  • Degree Block will contain total credits required to complete the degree along with all corresponding major requirements that must be completed. An item has a completion status when the box contains a check mark.
  • Major Block will contain all requirements for the major along with general education requirements. Each requirement will also have a check box to indicate completion.
  • General Education Block will contain all of the requirements necessary. This block is informational only. Most of the courses in this block will already be applied in the major block.
  • PE Block this is the 2 to 1 credit physical education requirement necessary to complete the degree.
  • Diversity Block a 3 credit requirement for all degrees.


Is a specific course that is needed to complete a major. Each requirement will have a checkbox indicating completion.

Still Needed

A notation on the audit when a course has not been completed. This is usually marked in red. The "Still Needed" will sometimes appear for requirements that contain a range of credits such as General Education Electives 5 to 9 depending on other course work taken. This comment will be removed when all other requirements are completed.

Credits Applied

Are the total credits earned within each block.

Credits Required

The total credits to complete the block. The Credits Required - Credits Applied does not necessarily total the remaining credits necessary to complete the major. For example, a 4 credit Math course will increase the credits applied for the math requirement within the block thus increasing credits applied. Be sure to verify each of the 'Still Needed' to obtain the remaining credits to complete the major.